Thursday, August 21, 2008

What, Did Our Invitation Get Lost In The Mail?

Top 5 possible reasons we weren't invited to the Ed Stefanski 76ers Blogger Conference Call:

5. They didn't want to hurt our feelings by putting digitally next to Dwyer and the subjecting us to the snorts of disgust and journalistic derision after our questions.

4. Ed Stefanski is actually Argentinian.

3. They were concerned we'd demand to know when Elton's wife's new leather catalog collection will be out.

2. They were inviting Stephen A. Smith and, well... Cheez Doodles weren't on the agenda.

1. Nobody had the answer for the question we would have inevitably asked: "How in the holy hell did you give Andre bloody Iguodala $80 million dollars? How?! In the name of everything Jesus-y, how?"

Mr. Stefanski, you're on notice. *

*Just kidding, Mr. S, we love you and want to build shrines to you. We understand why you didn't invite us. You're just waiting to give us that exclusive hour long interview. We know. No one knows you like we do... But seriously. Iguodala. How?!"

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