Saturday, August 2, 2008

We Have Nothing To Span But Spain Itself

Having watched two of the Team USA basketball gangbangs exhibition games from Team USA, I feel pretty confident that we're going to kick the rest of the world in the nuts and throw them out of the arena. With Kobe doing his thing, the size differential that Howard has, and DWade looking like a demon reborn in the fire, we've got the market cornered on ass kicking.

I found a commenter that said this when I touched on who I thought was a concern:
"You forgot about us... ARGENTINA.
We have already beat Usa two times in the last 8 years. Indianapolis and Athens."

Most years, yeah, I'd be concerned. Except for, well... recently in the exhibition games they had to come from behind to beat Australia.

And before that, most noticeably, they were defeated by the team I'm most fascinated by and weary of for the sake of my countrymen.

That's right.

The lane in Spain is filled mostly by the insane.

What kind of current, former, or future NBA talent do they have? After all, Argentina has four legitimate NBA-level players, and Fabricio Oberto!

Pau Gasol
Marc Gasol
Juan Carlos Navarro (La Bomba!)
Jose Calderon
Ricky Rubio
Rudy Fernandez
Jorge Garbajosa

Yikes. I mean, I respect Manu's Euro game and all, and Lord knows Scola can hustle, but I'll take the Gasol brothers, a possible #1 draft pick next year, Toronto's starting point guard, and Fernandez and Navarro pretty much any time.

I understand that talent isn't the primary factor in Euroleague games. Ball movement, fluidity, etc. But I mean, come on. The rest of these teams are essentially a few steps above the D-League all-star squad. Some are better than others. But if you ask me to look at the rosters, this is the one that stands out to me. Not because the players have NBA experience. But because these players had enough talent to make the jump to the league and have it be a big deal. And what's worse, they're all buddy buddy. While Argentina may have a bunch of guys ready to scrap (and flop), who are willing to dive into the stands out of sheer drive and passion (and flop), and who are surprisingly talented (at flopping), they still lost to Lithuania. You know, the same Lithuania team we ran over yesterday. The same Lithuania that DWade built his own personal highlight reel out of.

I still think we'll roll. But the one game I'm looking at more than any other is Spain.

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