Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Suns Fans Sure Are Glad Their Team Cares About Saving Money

Because the $700k they just saved in swapping D.J. Strawberry to the Rockets for the essentially meaningless Sean Singletary is nearly McCain-esque fiscal responsibility. Now, if we can only do something about the $40,000,000 due Kazaam the next two years. I understand that Strawberry doesn't fit into this "new" (I just threw up in my Suns-loving mouth) Phoenix system. But really, a kid with good size, an improving handle and defensive tenacity is not in the Kerr/Porter plan?

Sure, Matt Barnes is going to control the wing defensively (we hope), when Hill is on the bench. By Moore's estimation, Alando Tucker was really tearing up the D-League in scoring last year, so perhaps there will be a few more minutes behind Bell this year. And yes, we are all well versed in how Goran Dragic;kjsdfmnlkiuupoe, or whatever his name is, is going the be the point guard of the future in Phoenix. But, if you are going to make that kind of trade, why not at least get a second round pick, which is what Strawberry was coming out in 2006, instead of a guy with an un-guaranteed contract that you have no interest in keeping anyway, just to save a few thousand?

Maybe I'm just nitpicking. Maybe the Suns do know what they are doing. Maybe the Rockets want to use Crazy Pills as a mentor to really ratchet up those pesky defensive tendencies latently expressed by D. J. Maybe the Suns are just trying to drive me further away into the arms of the Dream Shake as I rapidly ascend to Rockets uber-fandom. /puts bullet in brain

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