Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sixers Agree: Iguanadala is Worth More Than Anyone Ever

Well, I'm glad that's over with. Now we can stop arguing about how much the Sixers should re-sign Andre Iguodala for and start arguing about whether he's worth 6 years, $80 million. Hint: the answer is no.

Yes, we know, we know. You think he's awesome. It's obvious that he thinks he's awesome. But $80 fricking million?! ESPN's gotta be throwing us this one as some kind of sick joke, because we're just a week or so removed from freaking out about $75 million. And just when you thought that the Sixers might be gaining some ground by making the Ig-ster go through all the negotiation hoops, he somehow squeezes an extra five mil out of 'em.

I don't know if Stefanski got the memo, but Josh Smith just got 5 years, $58 million. JOSH M.F. SMITH. If you're going to pay market value for a hyper-athletic forward who can play multiple positions, doesn't shoot all that well, but plays pretty swell defense, at least look at the damn market, Ed.

+1 for Iguana's agent. Fo realz.

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