Friday, August 1, 2008

Louis Williams Update

Philly Daily News confirms that Williams' contract is for 5 years at $25-27 million, a little lower than what I predicted. So, all told right now on the Sixers' books, they are at right around $56 million (excluding the money Iggy has if he were to play out this year under the qualifying offer). So, with the luxury tax around $72 million, Philly can still lock up Iggy (even if Matt Moore thinks this is equivalent to franchise suicide) for roughly the same money that Okafor and Deng received and still be well under the luxury tax. All told, it looks like a pretty good deal for a team that should be competitive in the East this year. If, on the other hand, you don't think Iggy is worth more than a bag full of hammers, then this could be a catastrophe. Now, let your agent go work on your contract while you spend 22 hours a day on ball handling and passing drills to cut down on those mammoth turnover numbers, Iggy.

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