Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Il Minimo!

The defectors are piling up - Earl Boykins, the little poisonous frog that he is, has signed with Italy's Virtus Bologna for $3.5 million. Speaking of Bologna, that makes Boykins "Italy's highest paid-player."

Umm...what? When Earl Boykins is your nation's highest pair player (much less your team's), you've got serious problems. He adds excitement to your team, but more as a basketball sideshow attraction than a legitimate talent. He's a novelty, y'know, being 3'7'' and all, but he also shoots a ridiculous amount of shots on a pretty bad percentage. He's not bad as a distributor, but as you might expect, his height becomes a bit of an issue on defense.

Personally, I'm a little relieved. Most of the players rumored to be heading to be Europe were interesting players to watch (Childress, the Machine, et al). But with Arroyo gone and now Boykins, maybe the Euro-xodus has an unexpected side effect: getting rid of annoying players that I never wanted to watch or read about anyway.

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