Monday, August 4, 2008

If a Carlos Arroyo Goes to Europe, But Nobody Cares, Does He Make a Sound?

In what might be the quietest European departure yet, Carlos Arroyo snagged a deal for around $5 million a year from Maccabi Tel-Aviv.

But for all the ho-hum of Childress, the Machine, and Delonte, Arroyo's eurotrip makes the most sense. His career has been a series of "Let's throw this guy at the wall and see if he sticks!"-type scenarios, and nothing up to this point has worked particularly well. Except, you know, that Puerto Rican national team gig. I'm not saying that Arroyo should give up on the NBA entirely (or maybe I should say the NBA shouldn't give up on him), but I think he could definitely be successful with Maccabi. At least more successful than being end of the bench buddies with J.J. Redick.

I'm reminded of a nursery rhyme my mother used to tell me:
This little piggy went to Maccabi,
and this little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had souvlaki,
and these little piggies went waaaah-waaaaah-waaaah allllll the way until-they-either-agree-to-a-contract-they-feel-is-beneath-them-and-struggle-with-confidence-issues-for-the-rest-of-their-careers-or-get-what-they-want-and-put-their-teams-in-luxury-cap-hell.

...I think that's how it went.

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