Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey, At Least It's Better Than Having To Hear More About Brett Favre

From the Corndogg...

In mildly troubling (for me) news, it looks as if the Spurs, with or without mascot, might be making a run at the guy who nearly put them out of the playoffs last year. Jannero Pargo, gunner extraordinaire, might be willing to take just slightly below market value (but more than he is currently getting) if he can hop the state line and make it to San Antone.

Although his agent, who also represents recent Spurs aqcuisition Roger Mason, will not comment directly, I think this might just be some more end of summer hot air. Without any major developments with the still unsigned *near* superstar restricted free agents (Smith, Iguodala), this is just the kind of interim news that keeps up league puppies salivating. Or, at least, confused.

Personally, I think Pargo is a bad fit for the Spurs. In fact, the last thing the Spurs need on their bench is a guy who loves to jack up ill-advised jumpers and who needs the ball in his hands most of the time to be effective. They already have a ball-dominator on that unit in 6th Man of the Year, Manu Ginobli (yep, here comes the bile up in the back of my throat). But still, the Spurs have done more unique things than taking on a wild child like Pargo. At least it gets him away from another contender in their own division. However, he seems a very unlikely and uncomfortable fit for the defensively-focused Spurs and their cadre of exceptionally one dimensional bench players who always seem to fit awkwardly, but effectively, into the right spot on the floor.

Now, he is an upgrade from Damon Stoudamire and he is a mature player (28 yrs. old). Acquiring him reduces the ever increasing average age of the Spurs lineup, while providing a maturity well beyond someone like, say, noted gunner J.R. Smith, in whom SA has also shown interest (why, oh why?). Plus, with superior ball handling skills to J.R. and a more dynamic offensive game than Stoudamire, perhaps the Spurs could be killing two birds with one stone. Or, make that three birds, as this would undoubtedly force Chris Paul to average 46.5 minutes a game for the season.

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