Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greece-Germany LiveBlog

Not on TV. Awesome. Glad I'm up this late watching it on NBC.com. Of course, I do have to say, their streaming app is lightyears above anything else I've seen.

And the running commentary from Rotoworld's guy is awesome too.

Germany's point guard is the size of Chris Paul, without the speed, handle, or aggression. You can imagine how that's working out, seeing as how Greece has put the trap on.

For as good as Greece's trap is, Germany's interior passing lane defense has been just as good. Mainly because I'm not sure anyone in Greece has heard of the drive and kick.

19-15 Greece.

I'd say "Flop, drink!" But A., it's 3AM EST, and B. the Greeks make Manu look like reinforced steel. Last three trips down the court have been flops.

Every now and again, Dirk Nowitzki still does things that make you go "He CANNOT be that tall." Like the perimeter shake and bake into the fadeaway three.

Schotsanitis shaved his head. That's nice. He looks less like a 70s thug reject now.

Dirk. Again. Downtown. Never leave him open, Greeks. Never leave him open.

Tie ball game.

Basically, Greece came out on fire, swarming defense, trying to pressure. So Germany went to Nellie ball. "Fine, we'll just run and shoot threes with our 7 foot forward/center. Eat it."

23-21 Germany after 1. Greece seems genuinely confused everytime a team adjusts to their strategy. Same thing happened against Spain. They look perplexed that a team could be athletic AND adjust their play.

Best moment so far? Dirk drives, fakes, draws the contact, and from the other side of the floor, you hear Kaman screaming, in thick American "AAAAAAND OOOOOONE!"

Germany 5/7 from the arc in the first. Damn. Rebounding advantage, too. They still don't know what to do against the trap, though, and Greece looks like it's sticking with it.

Everytime someone not named Dirk or Kaman shoots, I cringe.

Diamantidis nails another three. He's hot tonight.

Absolutely no offensive rebounding for Germany right now. Detlef Schrempf is crying somewhere.

Dirk on Spanoulis.

A Greek wing just drove straight at the basket, then turned up, back towards the key, faded away, and lost the handle. It was like a fundamentals trainwreck.

Dirk's desperately trying to get calls and the refs aren't going for it. Must be the DWade effect.

The German point guard runs the pick and pop and an angel's wings catch fire.

Diamantidis slices to the basket on an inbounds, nails the reverse, and one. That was sweet. Germany's not guarding the basket on inbounds plays to save their lives.

29-23 Greeks.

Papaloukas with a nice outlet pass after Germany misses an easy layup in transition. Kaman found his man in stride and he missed the layup. Tragic.

Greece also does that "running around while holding up your index finger thing" after anything big like it's soccer.

It's interesting, because international play is supposedly all about fundamentals, so I've been told. Greece is essentially in 100% gamble mode the whole time. Maybe I'm just not used to teams that are dedicated to rotation.

Greece extends it with some more athleticism. The drought on Germany's side of the athleticism line is stark. Greece by 10, but I'm still not impressed by these guys in the least.

Greece is running a ton of off the ball screens, using their size to their advantage. Germany's point guard looks like he a kid in a certain game of "Smear The (Wretchedly Horrible Term)."

Rotoworld's game is talking all about Greece's patience and how they "play the right way." To me it just looks like they're waiting for someone to screw up so they can take advantage. Unfortunately, Spain, Argentina, Lithuania, and USA aren't really playing that way.

Germany's ice cold, though, and flummoxed by the pressure. Looks like I'm sending Tas some beer.

Germany's point guard gets stifled by the trap, AGAIN. It's like they feel they have no other option. I now know how Bobcats fans feel.

All of that, and Germany's only down 6, because Greece's perimeter defense melts against roll screens at the key.

The widdle point guard is Pascal Roller. Everytime he makes a three from here on out, I will make a Rick Roller'd joke.

Hey Clippers fans. If you were hoping Kaman would keep up that habit of getting distracted by driving wings and leave his man, like a hummingbird in a strobe shop? Yeah, don't worry. All your dreams will come true. What's that, you don't want him to do that? .... Caveman!

Germany really needs a wing to bring the ball up, but they're going to stick with the German Mighty Mouse.

Greece by 11 at the half.

Germany scores 10 points in the quarter. Epic fail. Ich bin ein turnover machine.

By the way, if this were Team USA, Chris Paul and Deron Williams would set a world record for assists just on alley oops. This full court trap is not going to fly for two guys that can split them on much bigger, better guys. (Pauses to allow everyone to scream "BUT GREECE WON IN 2006! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN 2006? WE'RE ALL DOOMED BY OUR CONFIDENCE! DOOMED, I SAY! I WELCOME OUR NEW GRAPE LEAF OVERLORDS!" No. I just happen to think this team, I'm watching, right now, would get slaughtered by the two finest point guards on the planet. I tend to think of Chris Paul's handle as a little better than Stephon Marbury's. Silly me.)

Naughty By Nature is playing at half time of the Olympics basketball game between Greece and Germany. Between this and Sager's interview, my brain is 90% slushie.

Rotoworld Overlord mentions that Germany's lack of a low post defender is killing them. +1. It's odd, because Greece doesn't have one either, but they've got a ton of tough, smart 6-7, 6-8 forwards who are willing to get physical down low. So, essentially, Greece's frontcourt is the Zoo Crew of the Olympics. More bench time for Dwight Howard, Magic fans!

For anyone wondering, Linas Kleiza just does not give a f*ck. He's basically wandering around the Olympic arena, flipping the bird at everyone who doubts Lithuania. He's the one Nugget I want out of that death trap.

I'm fading. I need them to end this quickly so I can beg off the fourth quarter.

SilverLight is awesome. There hasn't been one buffering glitch. Not one. NBA. Pay attention. K THX BAI.

Everytime I see Kaman I just want to give a Napoleon Dynamite "Gosh!"

Dirk with the save, Kaman grabs it, goes across the lane, tries to dunk, and fails. Gets the foul, though.

Nice defensive sequence for the Germans. The wings are getting more active through the off-ball screens. Bump 'em back, Deutchland!

Uh-oh. Somebody woke Spanoulis up.

When Greece and Argentina play, you may be able to freeze frame it at some point and actually see four players completely horizontal in mid-air, without any contact causing them whatsoever. It's going to be a flopper's flop clinic.

50-35 Greece, stretching it out.

I don't know how you can watch Dirk play and not be amazed at his combination of talent and effort.

Everytime the Greek big men pull the pump fake, up and under to a little weak floater, I expect to see someone come from the weak side and send it into the fourth row, screaming "Get that weak sh*t out of here!"

Instead I see Kaman scratching his nuts. Olympic fever. Yeah.

Spanoulis with a sweet behind the back to Vasilopoulos for the dunk and unnecessary subsequent fall down. This one's just about over.

Anyone know the shipping rates on beer to Canada?

Greek Three. Dagger.

They set the play, Germany knew what they were doing, Papaloukas comes around the screen... and no one picks him up. The Rhine is bleeding.

Okay, kids. This one's doneskis. Greece has too much overall size, Germany needs a point guard or a coach that can use wings. Maybe I'm underestimating Greece. Spanoulis is the hotness. We'll find out Thursday.

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