Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Greater L.A. Area Just Got a Whoooole Lot White Chocolatier

Taking another step in their mission to re-construct the entire Miami Heat roster from last season, the Clippers have signed Jason Williams to a one year deal.

But while we're talking about Williams, why did the "White Chocolate" moniker suddenly disappear? Was it because Hubie made him cut down on his wild play and be a focused point guard? Or is it because he's turned into a slow three-point shooter who's game is suddenly too white to even be white chocolate? He needs a new tag, and not "J-Will." White bread (wonder, consistent, plain)? White wine (improving with age, goes well with seafood)? Just some food for thought.

But the move is a solid one by the Clips. Williams doesn't have what it takes to be a starting point guard anymore in my book, but he tends to get a lot of unwarranted hate. All in all, he's really not that bad of a player, and picking him up as a backup PG for the veteran's minimum (not confirmed, but come on) is a sound move. The Clips are slowly amassing a short-term veteran army: Baron, Camby, Kaman, Mobley, Ricky Davis, Williams, Brian Skinner, Tim Thomas. And by the time 2010 rolls around? Baron and Kaman. Elgin may have done some dumb things in the past, but the Clippers are doing their best to hit a home run and stay competitive in the meantime. Smooooooth.

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