Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 8.28.08

  • Calling all bad trade ideas, please head to the Ben Gordon aisle. Repeat, bad trade ideas are needed on the Ben Gordon aisle. You realize that this could end up as the lineup of the Jazz in October 2009: Deron Williams-Ben Gordon-Frmmmhm Frhmmumm-Paul Millsap-Mehmet Okur? 8th seed? Maybe?
  • Great article on Amare's talents and limitations on defense. His biggest problem is the same for most young athletic bigs. They get too wound up trying to make the huge SportCenter block. Which inevitably leads to Fabricio freaking Oberto laying in the ball after Parker drops the ball to him like he's tossing him a brewski. If Amare would just stay where he's at, his body size alone will defend enough shots.
  • You've (almost) been... THUNDERSTRUCK!
  • Musselman posts, I read it. It's insane. He's incredible. The way he's embraced it is just ridiculous. Fascinating, must read stuff every time. My favorite for today? "A coachable player is not an excuse maker. He takes responsibility for his actions. If his coach takes him out and jumps all over him, he doesn't blame the coach. He is accountable for his own errors. When he makes a mistake, he acknowledges it and moves on. He then does his best not to make the same mistake again."
  • It's amazing what fans of bad teams will talk themselves into: "Randolph is not just a low post threat, he is an elite scorer when motivated and in shape."
  • Proud new papa Lee is interviewed at EtB. Paroxi-congrats to Lee on the new kiddo, by the way. May he hate Richard Justice as much as you do. Oh, and Corn and I have decided to call him "Skip To My Lou 2."
  • 52 Things for the Grizz to focus on.
  • Wade's got another redeem job he's working on.
  • Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.
  • Phoenix Stan might as well put a big sign up on BSotS that says "Please put Amare back on the shelf for four months for me celebrating injury on someone." Jesus. Even we aren't "happy" Manu's hurt. We giggle at it, but it's more the irony of a guy who always acts hurt when he's never actually hurt actually being hurt. Jeez.
  • 2010: The Year of Possibility.
  • Paperboy: The Most Overhyped Thing since the new Godzilla movie. At this point, yeah, I'm sick of him.
  • Dreeeeeeeeeeeaaam, dream dream dream dream, dreeeeeeeeam. Whenever I want to win against a vastly improved Western Conference without an easy first round opponent, all I have to do is dream.
  • "Gave my Knicks a double-nickel." Anybody that can find that commercial for me, I will love you.
  • You'd never believe it, but a Lakers die-hard thinks Paul Pierce is overrated. You can't overrate the Truth, friend.
  • More genius tattoos. Man, do I love Duncan.
  • Just in case you missed it, Nate's "Intros" post deserves a Standing O.

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