Friday, August 8, 2008


It's rare that I get to be excited about somthing in anything but a "God, this is ridiculous" way. Like, Artest getting traded was fun, because he's completely batsh*t insane. But every now and then, there's something I get genuinely excited about.


It's Josh Smith possibly going to Memphis.

Memphis is one of my pet clubs. Since I don't have a team (yet, though I've started dreaming up jersey designs for the Kansas City Force/Knights/Low Property Values), I have a couple that I tend to track more heavily and swoon over their potential. Longtime readers of this site know Memphis is that club. I watched as they kept games close consistently last year, only to lose focus and energy in the fourth, or for a meltdown to occur. I really thought they would turn, and then they traded Gasol, and even then, I was riveted by the overtime game with the Clip.

When this offseason came, and they grabbed Mayo, I was even more excited. Even though Mayo is going to bolt in four years for another team in a major market, and could end up as a major distraction, he's still a machine. And the Grizz's unwillingness to just pawn off Crittenton/Lowry has made me feel much better about the likelihood of them not getting screwed. Throw in the addition of Marc Gasol as the "Good Brother Who's Not Actually As Good As His Brother" and it was looking good. Even with JCN's departure (why JCN? WHY?!) I still have a lot of hope for this squad. The one thing I noticed, though, was that they had cap room.

And Josh Smith sat there.

And sat there.

And sat there.

I began talk of it a few weeks ago, saying, "Hey, Hawks' management is on the fritz, Smith is rumored to not want to play with Woodson, the Hawks might now want to allow a player to openly hijack their coach after he got them to the playoffs (kind of), take a shot." I'm not saying that the Hawks don't value Smith more, they have to, but I'm saying, it's worth the risk. The Grizzlies apparently agree. Skeets said 5 years, $58 is way too low, and we all know it. But Smith might sign it, just to try and get out. If the Grizzlies are smart, this is a four year deal with a team option for the fourth year. So if they want to cut ties in 2011, they can jettison Smith, let him go find a bigger deal, and rebuild so more. If the core is working, they can center around Smith, OJ, Gay, and you have your trio.

Conley, Crittenton, Mayo, Jaric, Gay, Smith, Warrick, Gasol, Darko. Oh, sweet Jesus, the thought is enough to make me melt in my chair. It's like the concept of wild made palpable and put in blue. They're not even a playoff team, but that just makes me like them more. I'll say it. If the Grizzlies make this signing, I will adopt the Memphis Grizzlies as mine for the 2008-2009 season.

I'm begging you, Atlanta. Don't resign him. It's not that you guys aren't interesting. You are. Except for Bibby. But there's too much potential here. Come on. Let him go. Or go for a sign and trade with Warrick and Lowry. Be a man. For the good of us all.

I already told Blowtorch, if this goes down, I will literally make a video of me dancing in the streets.

*Note: Just like this, only bigger, balder, and goofier looking.

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