Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ben Gordon And The Hundred Days

Ben Gordon has got himself a Napoleon complex. He's currently in the midst of a contract battle that's been going on for much more than a hundred days, but right now it's gone from a minor skirmish to a full blown angst fest. Gordon feels he deserves to be the highest paid player on the Bulls. He's clearly not clued into the fact that a lot of people don't feel he's worth it. He's also not aware that the Bulls are unlikely to cave to him.

But here he goes, charging into Waterloo with his $13Million a year demands, expecting the Bulls to bow to his will because he scored more than the others. Because really, that's all basketball is, right? Scoring? Who cares about running an offense, distributing, defense, or leadership? All you really need is to be able to dribble, dribble, shoot. Whoopee!

When the Bulls got the number one pick, I saw a darkness on the horizon. The common thought is that Rose is a pure point. He's not. (Expect something on this in the next 24 hours over at Ridiculous Upside.) The thought is that Hinrich is expendable. But there's something to be said for a point guard that can bring the ball up, set the offense up, and knows where everyone goes and what everyone should do. Neither Gordon, Hughes, or Rose is that guard. Rose may be able to get there, but it's not natural for him. If the Bulls commit to Gordon, they have to eliminate Hinrich. And that means that the Bulls will have a frontcourt full of talented athletic players with no direction or leadership, and a backcourt full of talented shooters with no direction or leadership. It'll be Lord of the Flies.

But that's if Gordon wins. Otherwise, you know how this ends. Exile in Elba, and an unmarked grave in the valley of the willows. Or, a trade to Memphis, and a "best player on a bad team" stretch.

The fates decide.

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