Monday, July 7, 2008

SwaggerJack: From Phoenix to Toronto. Boom Tho.

Holly MacKenzie is a contributing writer for Hardwood Paroxysm and SLAM. She writes SwaggerJack every Wednesday from here on out. Or I'll kill her. - Matt

If you’re looking for NBA talk, skip to the fourth paragraph.

It’s been awhile. Over a month, in fact. I just wanted to let you know I don’t normally pull the disappearing act and there is no need to worry, my swagger has not been jacked. I’ve been dealing with some traumatic events as of late. Yes, I am speaking about my Lakeshow. Now that the draft has come and gone and I’ve gotten to see team USA in all of their glory (at least, lots of photos), I am able to discuss the night that broke my heart. Bleghgksdjgfjdk. Okay, it’s all good now. My boy won MVP, we made it to the finals and then I got to see KG let out all of that crazy emotion “I made it, Ma”. I still get chills when I think of his postgame interview with Michelle “you look good tonight girl” Tafoya. Only KG.

So, originally the plan was for SwaggerJack to drop every Wednesday with a different interview or piece on some of my favorite NBA-related people. I’m since learning that this can be a little tough in the offseason. Regardless, I’m going to make it my goal to have something new every Wednesday from here on out. On those weeks where I am not lucky enough to speak with someone, you’ll get my thoughts on some of the guys I’m working to get into touch with for this space.

I figured since I’ve been MIA, I should show you what has been taking the place of basketball in my summer of TV watching. This guy has me mesmerized. Yes, I know. I am probably going to get it for admitting this, but I am a proud "So You Think You Can Dance" viewer and this guy, Stephen “Twitch” Boss is amazing. You know he has to be if he is taking away some of the NBA withdrawal. Other than that, I’ve been reading and researching and trying to find an apartment in Toronto for my upcoming move.

Before we go any further, we've got some important news to share involving the one and only, Rod Benson. This guy, is my guy. If we do not see him in a uniform as a paid, NBA player this year, then people are sleeping on a golden opportunity. Besides getting a young guy who is 6’10”, talented, focused, intelligent and hungry for success, the PR side of things is off the hook. Lots of teams have a bench player who the fans love. Rod Benson has more than fans, he’s got his own movement. Adding him to your team only gives your ticket-holders something more to cheer for.

I found out from Rod yesterday that he will be playing with the Toronto Raptors in Vegas for the SPL. As recently as last week, it was reported that he would be playing with PHX. I don’t have a reason for the switch in teams yet, but after hearing how much he killed it at the tryouts in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, as a Canadian and a Raptor supporter by default, I can only smile. Widely. Every time I turn around I have someone asking me about Rod and if I think he could be signed by the Raps. When the JO/TJ trade went down, I texted our boy to say I was praying it would lead to him ending up in Toronto. Could it be? The Raps have one spot left and there is only one Rod Benson. Let’s do it, Colangelo. Imagine Boom Tho as the Canadian movement. I can get with that.

For more with Rod Benson, check SwaggerJack this Wednesday.

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