Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stress Fracture Or Dislocated Kneecap?

There's quite the great debate of our time being waged over at frequent HP commenter Khandor's Sports Blog.

Would you take Andrew Bynum or Yao Ming?

Now, if you want to get into longterm franchise flexibility, salary cap management, and upside, of course Bynum's your guy. But as I've said before, I'm not entirely sold on the Laker rah-rah wagon of "Bynum's going to come back 100% AND THEN we're going to kill everybody because we rule AND THEN we're going to beat the Hornets by 40 and sweep them AND THEN we're going to beat those stupid lucky Celtics by 100 AND THEN we'll be the best team EVARRRRRR" wagon. I tend to think a guy that had 35 good games needs a little more evaluation, especially coming off of a significant knee injury that kept him out much, much longer than it was originally expected to before we start calling him the next Kareem Abdul Jabbar. But hey, I'm crazy pills like that.

Anyway, hop on over there and join the fray. So far it looks like we've established from the commenters that Chinese people are soft, that Bynum is obviously way better than the multiple time All-Star who's widely considered one of, if not the best center in the game, and that a stress fracture in the foot that's actually healed on its expected schedule is way worse than a dislocated kneecap. Good times. Flame on, brothers and sisters!

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