Thursday, July 24, 2008

So I Got a New Joke...

From the Cordogg:

A guy with a "Gumby" hairtcut and a Jew walk into a Roman bath house...

Ok, well, that was not going to be a good joke. But since Brandon Jennings started this whole Euro love train, we might as well help all the others chase that money. And while they are at it, Jennings is probably gonna need a new running mate at Vita Roma. I mean, if the European leagues can fork over some substantial cash for Childress/Landry/Paul Shirley, there could at least be a few euros shilled out for our good buddy Zachary Feinstein. (Read: not our good buddy, but we are willing to extend our friendship).

Just imagine the awesome website Feinstein could make while he and Jennings are drinking grappa, eating prosciutto and making day trips to nude beaches. I smell a new backcourt/blog sensation. Let's make this happen, people. Cause it sure beats the hell out of covering the virtually non-descript NBA landscape, sans Summer League and Emeka Okafor's whining, during the summer.

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