Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ron Artest Isn't Insane, He's Just Brave!

You see, it takes a real man to go into the stands are start punching some douchebag that threw a coke at you. Oh, and if you disagree, you're obviously a racist.

"Now, some athletes might shoot up, stand and start looking for the culprit, not really wanting any action. But that’s not because they’re thinking, ‘Oh I gotta be cool here,’ if anything they’re scared of getting their asses kicked (think about how many NBA fights you’ve seen and think about how many of the players involved have given the impression they could actually defend themselves).

Artest, though, is not that scared guy. Any person secure in knowing they can confront that fan’s action with a reciprocal act in kind - will do so.

Artest is that guy."

(Sports on My Mind: Ron-Ron Comes Strong at Yao and the Rockets)


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