Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 7.30.08

  • Stern did the right thing and recommended Cuban for the Cubs ownership. Well done. Seattle fans will immediately point out how this is selfish and further reason Stern should be hung from his testicles.
  • Bonzi Wells to Wiz is the talk at Bullets Forever. It definitely sounds like a fit.
  • Another member of the "Oh, Kwame Brown is a devilishly brilliant idea!" crowd. We are not members.
  • Here's what kills me. I know Wade's better as a slasher two-guard who doesn't have to set up the offense. You know Wade's better as a slasher two-guard who doesn't have to set up the offense. DWYANE WADE knows he's better as a slasher two-guard who doesn't have to set up the offense. So why in the hell is Riley not beating down GMs doors and holding out Marion going "All-Star, primo defender, stat stuffer, still young, expiring contract! GIVE ME YOUR POINT GUARDS!" ?
  • The Jazz are lovable for a lot of reasons. One is their fans, who genuinely believe this team is the bomb. Here are some trade ideas from the frustrated fans who have watches as their team has done nothing in the offseason, outside of matching an offer for a point guard they don't want who doesn't want to play there while they have three other great guards on roster. But still, this team is on the verge, baby! The verge! ... We'll be back to this in a second.
  • Fire Richard Justice. FJM, if you're listening, I've got guys like Loren that can do this. Seriously.
  • The Annotated Kwame Brown.
  • Wade, healthy? Not healthy? Healthy? Angry.
  • Blazer Dave is such a realist. While I agree with the premise of "the teams that win--most of them that go to the playoffs and almost every one of them that wins a championship--have one thing in common: on average they have fewer questions about talent, readiness, and suitability than the opponents. ", I don't necessarily think the Spurs are a member of that group. I think they beneffited from a perfect ability to match up with the teams they faced and a series of fortunate events and decisions which are similar to the breaks that many other championship squads have accomplished. I'm more than willing to say that Tim Duncan is that much better than everyone else. I'm not willing to say the Spurs have been over the last four years.
  • My favorite link section on the web is Posting and Toasting's Daily Mammal. I have never read it and not laughed.
  • The difficult question of Kyle Lowry continues.
  • Monta Ellis uses the word 'lovely.' I don't know whether that's lame or awesome.
  • Ziller.
  • This is just good.
  • More Ziller.
  • As a Missouri fan, I heaved a big sigh of relief when the Sixers signed Kareem Rush. Now if I can just get Kleiza out of Denver...
  • I'm the new guy at FanHouse, so I'm not going to comment publically on the disaster that was yesterday. Well, not in non-passive Okafor ways anyway. But this post and the comments are interesting, to say the least.
  • A blog you should be reading on the idiocy that the Bleacher Report can sometimes create.
  • Would you or would you not read a book of these?
  • A rare interview with Skeets. I'm looking forward to this series.
  • I don't agree with this, but I respect it. I believe you can make a joke about anything. But I also believe that there is an inherent undercurrent to our curent society's cultural schema that is ripe with homophobia and misogyny. Certain recent events have certainly cast that into light, and it's clear that this current runs right through our sports culture. It's not that I don't see how this could be harmless to someone who's gay, it's that I can definitely see how it can be. Just because I'm not offended when someone calls me cracker doesn't mean it needs to be widely used. To me, it's not a clear, blaring signal, but one of the more sublte means of expressing an attitude. And it's an attitude that doesn't need to be fostered. Plus, I just thought the ads were pretty lame.
  • I'm trying this at my next performance evaluation.
  • Our new writer made Okafor funny. That was pretty much what got him "hired."
  • Why did no one tell me that Singapore had a freaking basketball team before it was too late?!
  • Lakers fans think they're tough enough!
  • I don't agree with everything in this, but I think if you're a blogger considering applying for credentials, you should definitely read it.

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