Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 7.10.08

There is some absolutely phenomenal stuff on the tubes this morning, and I have some thoughts on them. Buckle up.

  • We begin with the Spurs acquisition of Roger Mason and 48 Minutes of Hell's thoughts on it. When I first read it, it didn't click in my head. Roger Mason. Who? Oh. That Roger Mason. Then it sunk in. This is genius. They somehow managed to save money, and they got a shooter who is remarkably like the three wise men that could take off this year. He's younger, a 40% 3 point shooter, can defend, and has a tough attitude. Jesus, the smarts in the front office of San Antonio just continues to amaze me.
  • A World Cup of semi-pro basketball? Genius. Too bad it's with the amateur league that's bombing. But I would love for D-League to send a representative squad and annihilate everyone. Also, a PBL versus ABA would be terrific.
  • I'll go ahead and tell you right now. My favorite player heading into 2008-2009 is Raptors 2nd round rookie from Australia's NBL, Nathan Jawai. I'm calling him Jawaibberwocky. Done. The only thing I can't figure out is why he's not playing on the Summer League squad.
  • 3 Shades of Blue is still all buddy-buddy with Heisley. Sorry, Mr. Heisley. Too bad he keeps contradicting a lot of the things he says. We'll come back to a conversation about young Mr. Mayo.
  • So here's a question. Since everyone already hates them anyway, why not go ahead and call them the Thundercats?The marketing dollars alone! There's even rumored to be a movie coming out in a few years! Mega-bucks! Make it happen! Imagine the Bobcats versus the Thundercats. Is there anyway OKC loses that game on pride alone? I'm sorry, we have the Bobcats, the Knickerbockers, and the 76ers. This league already has some dumb names. Why not one ridiculous one?
  • How much money do the Hornets have to upgrade? For what it's worth, Azabuike would be a great signing for them. Posey I'm not as sold on, and I don't know what Rohan's smoking over there, but Ricky Davis is a black hole of selfish play and would be a cancer on a beautiful muscled mass that is the Hornets. Amen.
  • Discussion about the Lakers financial situation, their cap space, and Ronny Turiaf. Lakers fans think they'll match the offer sheet. Of course, fans always think their team will keep their guy. I don't think they will, given that I think they like Ronny, don't love him, and he doesn't get enough minutes to justify that kind of dough. $17 mil over 4 years for a 20 minute guy? Phil's leash is too short on him to justify that.
  • There's a lot of talk in Utah about how long Deron's going to resign for. This is reasonable, since it says he won't resign for five, which he won't. The big question for him is that he has to ask himself if he wants a championship. Because if he does, he's going to need an opt-out. I think the Jazz will be a top five seed for four more years at least. But I can't see this core ever getting to the Finals. Just can't. Maybe they'll make a blockbuster or Boozer will opt-out and take off which will clear them the space to get a guy that can be a real difference maker with Deron. But guys tend to get comfy in SLC. They win, the town loves them, they're close to the West Coast, the ownership is supportive. We'll see.
  • Sound advice.
  • No one expects great things out of Jerryd Bayless. Except me.
  • One of my goals for next season is to watch the Bucks more. Especially now that the big guy got piznayed.
  • Paul "never had plans to leave." Interesting. I can't stress how much I respect that kid for extending his contract in that city.
  • I've been spazzing about the Heat's point guard situation. I may have been wrong. Chalmers looks mad legit.
  • Read more Blowtorch. Everyone needs to comment and let Trey know you want to hear what he has to say more. Oh, and yes, I meant "contender to make playoffs" not "title contender." Because I'm not "a crack addict."
  • I'm kind of falling in basketball love (non-scary, simple adoration of game) with Mike Beasley.
  • I was really kind of wrecked by this story. I don't necessarily believe that your life is defined by a single moment, but rather by a series of big ones. However, it's easy to see that kind of devolution from where I'm at. I'm not excusing anything. It's just sad.

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