Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dream Shake is gonna need Jesus...

From the Corndogg:

or they are going to have to cash out their 401Ks and hand all that loot over to Daryl Morey. Cause the only likeable Rocket, Carl Landry (sorry Scola) might be pulling a "Childress."

I can just see Dave coming back from his current island vacation, turning on the internets and immediately start stabbing himself with a corkscrew. In the neck.

(Dave's Voice) "Why God, Why? Why not Rafer? You are not merciful. You are not fair. I offer you a live Rafer as a European sacrifice and you deny me. Am I Judas? Please, dear sweet God, leave me Carl. Just take RAAAAFFFFEEEERR!"

And... scene.

However, let it be known that I fully expect Morey to finagle his way into a decent enough contract for Landry. He is a super smart GM and crafty as hell. But still, if for no other reason than the looming dementia the Dream Shake crew, this story could get interesting.

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