Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Hand Of The League Is In Motion

July 24th, 2007: A report surfaces in the New York Post about an FBI investigation into gambling by NBA officials.

July 27th, 2007: Tim Donaghy turn himself into authorities on several felony counts.

July 31st, 2007: Kevin Garnett is finally traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, and a box of cupcake mix. The colossal trade to a major market and the winningest franchise in the NBA overshadows the Tim Donaghy scandal to a large degree and gives the league something positive to focus on. Within a month, new advertising for the league featuring the Garnett trade is released.

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Tomorrow, July 28th, 2008: Tim Donaghy is scheduled for sentencing, providing a final black eye for the league.

Today, July 27th, 2008: The NBA releases their usual Daily Email, promoting news, events, and hyping different events. Typically the email contains information on verifiable events, such as game results, verified trades, or other publically known news. The headline almost never refers to a trade rumor. Today's headline:

Intrigue Surrounds Smith As Teams Line Up For The Exciting Swingman

What's the best way to gloss over an event that brings negative publicity and skepticism to your product? An exciting release everyone can talk about that distracts from the problem. What's the biggest free agent in question right now? Josh Smith.

It'll probably turn out to be nothing. We expect the Hawks management to come together for the thirty seconds they can stand to be in the same room together and get Smith a deal.


I'm just sayin'. Two years in a row, the league's biggest scandal is overshadowed by a major trade that the league actually heightens anticipation for?

Keep your ears to the ground, kiddos.

By the way, if another report comes out about Foster or Bavetta?

Rockets fans better get ready to trade in those McGrady jerseys.

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