Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BallHype Goes Nova

We owe a lot to BallHype. Not only did it get us serious exposure during our fledgling months and introduce us to a ton of blogs that are the source of news for us, but it is a motivator. Every three days, I check BallHype to see where we stand. And if we've fallen, like we have currently, it motivates me to get back in the habit of posting and coming up with ideas. It's a great motivational tactic, because we don't have Yahoo! or ESPN, or SLAM's readership, but this is an area where we can compete with them (I'm coming for you, Nelson).

So we tip our hat quite deeply to the ladies and gentlemen of that fine site, for they have been purchased, and will now no longer be considered bloggers. Because they're actually making money. We all congratulate you. And will now begin hating you and starting vicious rumors behind your back. Congrats!

Jesus. Leitch is in New York Magazine, Ryne's the online editor of SLAM, and BallHype got purchased. Sweet Mother of Christ, what's a guy gotta do to sell out around here?

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