Monday, July 28, 2008

Ball Movements: Offseason Moves

We thought we'd bring back a little session of Ball Movements to discuss the recent rumblings.

Chris Mullin Must Have Been A-Biedrinking: Corn and I are not in cohesion on the subject of Andris Biedrins' 6 year, $64 Million deal. Corn thinks it's a smart move by the Dubs, locking up their guys and making sure no one else gets poached. He also believes the list of the smartest people in the universe is comprised of: "Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, the guy who is banging Marissa Miller, and Biedrin's agent." He's a poet.

I, on the other hand don't think it's such a hot deal. I mean, yeah, it's great for Biedrins' agent to be a genius, but for the Dubs? I tend to look at things in terms of strengths and weaknesses. And I don't reward mediocrity out of compulsion. The Warriors were the worst rebounding and defensive squad in the league last year. It wasn't close. Think about that. The Bucks and Grizzlies were better at rebounding and defense than they were. And you just gave the prominent big man on that team $10million plus? Where does that get you? I often liken it to everyday office scenarios. Think of it this way. Let's say your biggest problem is that none of your Fedex packages or mail is arriving in time, and its costing you productivity, efficiency, and contracts. Do you then give the guy in charge of the mail room a huge raise because his contract is up? No. You bring someone in to help him. That guy can stay, but he's not the top of the heap. I can understand if you don't think the defensive woes were all Biedrins' fault, Lord knows Nellie ball and their lack of a prominent banger down low can all be held as contributing factors. But I don't think overpaying for a guy who's not part of the solution is the answer, either. But hey, that's just me.

Monta-zuma's Revenge (Via The Corndogg): Not to "crap" on Monta, but this signing smells bad for the future of the Warriors. The kid is a great talent and can wipe the floor in transition, but are all those streaks worth this kind of cash? Although, after this summer league, there is a higher demand/buzz for kids who are "great offensively when they have something to play for, but are on a team that totally expects them to be something that they might never be or else their tenure with their team will be a failure" (see: Jerryd Bayless), but the Warriors are just flushing everything down the drain at time being. Mullin thinks that if he can keep making moves, that no one will reallly take time to figure out the Warlocks are a sinking ship. Mayby Mullin was the basis for Jackie Moon in Semi Pro. The Warriors just aren't a Western Conference playoff team next year. I think the kid still has a great future ahead, but at present, the situation in GS is damp and odious, at best.
Please, Please Look The Other Way. There Is Absolutely Nothing To See Here (Via The Corndogg): Basically reinforcing everything everyone who has ever been a Philly sports fan has ever felt, the NBA internets have completely forgotten/disregarded/forgotten and disregarded the still unresolved situation in Philly. With a strong, firm GM like Stefanski in charge, you would think these guys would have already had Iggy and Williams resigned for this year. With all that buzz after the Brand signing, you still cannot realistically pencil in the Sixers as contenders, seeing as how their two most valuable (oh how much value, that can be debated) restricteds are still in limbo. It's easy to say that no other teams out there have enough money to lure them away or that their true value cannot be assessed until Smith/Okafor/Deng and others get their deals, but the delay in their proceedings has got to irk teh Philly faithful. I think it is because everyone expects this to happen without fail that the story has seemingly died. Plus, as Matt would say, who wants to over pay a under 25 turnover machine who is only good in transition and has limited skills except for as a # 2 or 3 option on a decent team? Answer: Chris Mullin. But still, let's wrap this up Ed.
Jesus Christo. Somebody Please Just Sign Josh Smith So I Can Stop Fantasizing (Via The Corndogg): No, that does not sound like what you think. But really, my brain is starting to hurt with all these Josh Smith rumors. Let's face it, the Atlanta management is too stupid to make this work out. So, let's just face the facts (i.e. Rick Sund's impending dementia) and get this thing over with. What about J-smoove and Bynum virtually making shots within 10 feet impossible. Or Smith and Amare on the break fighting over who gets the highlight alley oops from Nash (not to mention sending Diaw back to Atlanta). Or Smith and Maxiell salivating over a buffet of babies over off Eight Mile. Although the possibilities are endless (i.e. maybe a half dozen teams could ever get this sign and trade to work), I am tired of all these wacky scenarios. Give me Josh Smith in a contender's jersey or give me death. Actually, just give me Josh Smith in a contender's jersey. And I mean pronto, Atlanta management. *snickers*

Go East, Way, Way East, Young Man: I'm definitely smack dab in the middle of the road on the Childress to Europe, NBA Overseas Defection Watchlist Thing. It's not that I think there will be some huge exodus with LeBron, Dwight Howard, and all sorts of players checking out. But I do think it's relevant that not only is Europe a competitive option for NBA D-Leaguers and minor league players, but now for the NBA outright as well. It limits the NBA's competitiveness, and worst, it draws good players away from where we can watch them. Not getting to watch JCN next year kills me, and now Childress? There may be no others that go for their passports, but this is still a relevant conversation and not just a blip on the radar. Childress is definitely a unique case, though, because of the fact that he's so comfortable and engaged towards a culture shift for his life. There are a lot of guys who wouldn't be so warm to the idea of that kind of culture shock.

Okafortress of Solitude: Speaking of guys who should go check out Europe: Emeka Okafor. The Bobcats have lowered their offer from $12 million to $10 million, and this is a team completely without a competent big man (don't mention Ajinca. You wouldn't if you saw him at Summer League). This guy is in a rough spot. He's not a #1 low post option, he's not quite a 4, not quite a 5, gets rebounds and blocks, but doesn't score a ton of points and isn't terrific on lockdown defense (so essentially, a poor man's Marcus Camby). If the Bobcats want to jerk him around after not giving him any substantial help over the last couple of years, he should take a walk. I'm sure Europe's got somebody with some dough laying around, right? Okay, admittedly, from all indications, that's actually not true, and no one has any money left whatsoever overseas. Still, he should at least explore the possibilities. I'm not saying he's worth $12 million, I don't think he is. But the Bobcats either need to commit to him, or trade him. Leaving him hanging is not a cool way to do business, no matter how much you might want to close your eyes and hope he turns into Dwight Howard.

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