Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quick Thought on Donaghy

I do find it interesting that the majority of the "The NBA is fixed? That's madness! That's so stupid, it's ridiculous! It's absolute poppycock!" sentiments are coming from either bloggers/media personnel that are notorious for their realism (that's a philosophy, not an adjective describing the accuracy of their opinions) or cynicism, or.... Lakers fans and media.

Conversely, most of the "Of course the NBA is fixed. You have been paying attention, right?" is coming from either people that traditionally have hated the NBA and spoken of its problems in relation to other sports, or fans of teams that have not won a whole lot of championships.

You don't hear many Spurs fans kicking up dust on this issue, Derek-fouled-Brent or no Derek-fouled-Brent. Likewise, Grizzlies and Clippers fans aren't making a ruckus. Why? Their own personal experiences weren't impacted by the possibility of a fix. If the league favors LA, the Spurs got their championships anyway, so who cares? And the Grizzlies and Clippers have bigger concerns than whether LA is the favorite son. Like, who's going to play point?

Conversely, Sacramento fans are understandably pretty upset about this idea. If it were true, it would mean that their team didn't lose thanks to a lack of toughness or due to the fact that Chris Webber looks in the fourth quarter of a playoffs series like Lamar Odom looks the rest of the time in a playoff series.

And LA fans are of course dismissing all this. Because how, after all, could the greatness that is they be questioned? This is the greatest franchise in the NBA! Nothing bad can be said about them! This is reflected equally in the attitudes of Lakers fans in these Finals, where they have been out played, even if they outshot the Celtics in Game 3, which is all it came down to. Most of the Lakers fans I've talked to? They say they are "90%" sure they'll win all three in LA. Who needs the fix when you're just better than everyone else?

My point is, this isn't an issue that can be objectively considered outside of the context of the law.

Then again, it looks like the feds are taking more and more of an interest in the whole shebang.

(Insert ominously-toned closing statement/dismissive joke about being tired of X-files-like ballyhoo here.)

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