Sunday, June 15, 2008

Post Game 5 Thoughts

  • Great game by the Lakers, in pieces. Best for them was their ability to actually, you know, rebound, and their interior passing was a million times better.
  • Terrific interview by Kobe after the game. Michelle asks "Is this a good enough performance to win on the road?" and Kobe says "Probably not. Probably have to play better." Awesome honest answer.
  • With 2:30 to go, KG missed two free throws to tie, prompting me to try and be fair. I said "No way MJ misses two free throws to tie with 2:30 to go in the Finals." Dwyer informed me that MJ did exactly that in Game 4 versus Cleveland. Which somehow made me realize that any sort of comparison to MJ is ridiculous. It reminded me of how useless those kind of comparisons are and why we never indulge in them. The question has become a chicken and the egg sort of deal. Both sides in the comparing-Kobe-to-MJ debate think the other side started it. "We're just saying you can make the argument!" versus "There is no you can make the argument!" When in the end, who cares? I was wrong for having brought the comparison.
  • Pau Gasol was incredible. He actually battled for four quarters and showed that he is, actually seven feet tall. The rebounding was huge. The one thing that Gasol has done consistently throughout the series is attack Kevin Garnett. Garnett's had a good series, which is surprising, given what I just said and his shooting percentage. But he's had some big moments and has been a terrific defensive pressurizer. But Gasol has attacked him in the post and either outmuscled Garnett or gotten him in the air for the up and under. Who saw that coming? Not I said the cat.
  • The Lakers are getting better at point as they go. Jackson in the beginning was just relying on Fisher's veteran savvy. Then he saw that wasn't working, so he went to Farmar's speed and agility. Then that only took him so far. So now he's using Farmar to provide the motor, and Fisher to hit the big spots. Great adjustments by Phil Jackson. Finally.
  • The Celtics are running out of weaponry. They're down to Tony Allen for big shots. You need random guys to come up big, and the Celtics are running out of weaponry. The two day break is not good for them, either. Pierce needs another day, and he's not going to get it.
  • That said, Pierce has been incredible off the pick and roll. Versus the Lakers, who sometimes actually look too often for the pick and roll (not Bryant, calm down, Kobephiles), Pierce will often look, see that the defense has no idea how to cover the pick and roll, and just attack the basket. And it works about five times in a row before Jackson knocks some sense into them. Say what you want about this series, Paul Pierce has been the best player, and it pains me to think that this will all be for naught. Then I remember he went to Kansas, and I kind of giggle at the thought.
  • I did call Celtics in six, if you recall.
  • In conclusion:

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