Monday, June 30, 2008

Odenized Just Went Nova.

My first reaction? "Holy Sh*t Balls."

Ryne Nelson, AKA Odenized, AKA The Jones' Mascot, AKA My Homey Ryone, has just bumped up a paygrade.

Shifty little bastard is taking over as editor... of SLAM Online.

That's right. A blogger. Is Online Editor. Of SLAM freaking magazine.

This is the guy I'm used to harassing for violent dunks and my favorite commercials or interviews. We shared a common love of the absurdly ridiculous, often passing back and forth absurd moments we'd catch on League Pass. Him sending me links from his network of video, me tipping him off about clips to pull.

And now he's the editor of the biggest basketball magazine on the planet's online section.


Cheers, Ryne. Couldn't have happened to a better blogger.

Immediately, there have been two reactions. "What? Ryne can speak/write? I thought he was a nebulous force that just ejected video like an NBA blog version of the Wizard of Oz, frightening us with his entertaining and quirky magic!" and "I'm telling you, you're seeing bloggers get more and more legit gigs." And that's certainly something to look at. But tonight is for celebration, muchachos.

As tribute, I give you the greatest thing Ryne ever sent me, which I requested for a week after seeing it during my week long LeBron binge, where I watched the Cavs four times in a span of 8 days.

Here's to you, Ryne. We have all the faith in the world in you. Cheers, buddy.

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