Friday, June 13, 2008

NBA Finals Game 4 Thoughts

  • Well, then. Anymore questions about who's the better team?
  • Here's what I heard after Game 3's less than impressive win from Lakers fans. "Just wait. When our guys bounce back, and they will bounce back, we've got this. It wouldn't surprise me to win all three in LA." They gave the Celtics defense, which is, in a word, amazing, no credit. And tonight they suffered the consequences.
  • Ray Allen. Huge. It wasn't Nova. But it was huevos grande. He was efficient, smart, and made the shots he absolutely needed to. That last layup will go down in NBA history. Absolutely phenomenal performance.
  • KG's reputation as not clutch? Dead. That drop hook against Turiaf was huge. His defense? Even bigger.
  • I had already started writing the "Lamar Odom goes Nova" post. So much for that. So typical of Odom. He teases you with pure brilliance. Then fades into oblivion, and collapses with wild shots off the back of the backboard.
  • Pau Gasol. The word most people are using is: weenie. I'm not using it. Other people are. Okay. Yes I am. Weenie. Big. Weenie.
  • Hey, Kobes, a little less "Yelling At Teammates" and a little more "Leadership And Historic Performances."
  • Trey had a great piece of analysis in the liveblog. He noticed that the Celtics were coming up hard against Odom in the post, then backing off of him, confusing him and getting him off balance.
  • It's not checkmate. But in the Phil vs. Doc battle, as unbelievable as this sounds? Phil's in check.
  • The thing I've liked most about these Celtics through the playoffs, even when I was rooting against them was this. No matter what they're up against, no matter how much the media says they should panic, no matter what situation they're in, they don't lose focus. They don't panic. They just go back to work. Down 24 in the first half? No big deal. Let's cut it in half. Let's cut it to 10. Let's cut it single digits. Let's cut it to five. Let's win. Done. And a lot of that is Rivers' motivation, as loathe as I am to admit it. This team's resilience and poise is unmatched in the playoffs, along with their defensive intensity and commitment.
  • I'll have more tomorrow, but for right now, in closing...

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