Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Minute Finals Thoughts

  • Just to review. Derek Fisher<>
  • Corn STILL thinks it's Lakers in 5.
  • Everyone is picking the Lakers. EVERYbody. I'm very amused. This Celtics team may be the most underrated team to get the no.1 seed overall, homecourt throughout the playoffs, and destroy every team in the Western Conference in history.
  • Odom vs. Perkins= Bad Idea, but the only feasible one.
  • Vlad Radmanovic is going to have a bad series.
  • Ray Allen is going to have a worse one.
  • As I said earlier today, soft Euro-Forward-Centers and Inconsistent Oversized Power Forwards win championships. Wait, no, that's defense. My bad.
  • Kobe is going to be absolutely jaw dropping in this series.
  • I'll take the over tonight, but just slightly. 92-86 sounds good to me.
  • I like the three headed center monster for the Celtics against a suspect interior Laker defense.
  • The hatred for the Machine should be on CelticsBlog and Red'sArmy by 11:05EST.
  • If the Celtics try their perimeter screen and curls, they're going to get killed. Farmar's too fast and Fisher's too crafty. It's a bad idea.
  • Conversely, the Gasol pick and roll with Kobe isn't going to be as deadly, either, since Garnett can effectively cover both spaces, depending on who's guarding Kobe. If he gets by, Perkins et al better be ready to put him on his back. Keep him shooting mid range Js. That's the only way.
  • I'm dreading the announcing tonight. Dreading.
  • Savor this. I mean it. Don't get caught up in cynicism or resentment. Just enjoy it. These are two great teams, with passionate fans (in one city, anyway). This season has been a blessing. Exciting, interesting, provocative. We have a Finals worthy of it. Enjoy it.
  • Luke Walton Cherry Pick quarter tonight? 2nd.
  • Let's do this.

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