Thursday, June 19, 2008


NO, Juan Carlos!


Why would you do this to us?

Are we not good enough for you?

What about our good times? Have you forgotten this?

Does that mean nothing to you?

I'm seriously bummed about this. I don't have an NBA team to call my own, but I have a special affection for the Grizzlies. I will maintain that this team was better than its record, which is supported by their point differential. The were better than six other teams in that department, and they tended to hang with teams before getting crushed late, or fall into deep first quarter holes and find themselves unable to dig out of it. But they have Rudy Gay, one of the best up and coming players in the league. They have (had) three promising young guards. They have Warrick, who's rediscovered a love for being a beast, and they have Darko, who, while he may never be the starting beast we hoped for, is still slowly becoming a solid center that adds a lot outside of the box score.

Losing JCN is crushing. I loved watching the guy play. Speed, athleticism, three point shooting ability. And even though he wasn't that big of a piece of the Grizzlies' lineup, and most Memphis fans are going "meh," it doesn't make it suck any less. Navarro's the type of player that is part of our philosophy, if we have one. Streaky, under the radar, and brilliant for small stretches. And now the only time we'll see him is if we get to see the Olympic coverage. Devastating.

By the way, shouldn't the Spanish team destroy everyone except us? I mean, Gasol, JCN, Fernandez, Calderon ... that's a hell of a lineup. As long as they don't run into a fleet of Kendrick Perkins, they should be fine.

But getting back to Navarro, we're really sad at this. It's time to focus our positive energies on Javaris Crittenton, I guess. Just a shame that the European market is making such strides in catching up with the US. I hear Andre Barrett is close to signing overseas as well. Stupid economy, depriving me of lightning fast combo guards.

We'll miss you, JCN. Viva el Navarro.

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