Friday, June 13, 2008

Corn's Game 4Thoughts

From the Corndogg....

  • After watching the end of the first quarter (i missed the first few minutes), I told Matt that if the Lakers keep this up, the photoshop should be Kobe as John Travolta from Pulp Fiction jamming the adrenaline needle into Uma Thurman (aka Lamar Odom's) heart. Instead, I will just take Gasol's head on the Gimp. But then again, Kobe as John Travolta is still exciting. Look Who's Talking Now, anyone?
  • Regardless if the Celts take it down on Sunday, Happy Father's Day wishes go out to Bill Simmon's Dad. Finally, we might not have to hear about his heartaches anymore. Oh no, wait, the Patriots and the quest for the undefeated season starts up soon. Yippee!
  • So what if Paul Pierce's celebration on the court looked more like a Pakistani cricketer than MJ. We all knew what it meant -- Pure, unadulterated happiness.
  • Lakers: "So you see, what had happened was, uh, yeah, ummm you know, we just uh, kind of, almost, but but BUT, yeah, well, that was that."
  • Although, as a basketball blogger, I should have known the game was over far before it happened, but that Posey 3 was just un-freakin-believable. Wait, I think I wrote the same thing about Game 2. Weird. James Posey Rules?
  • Yeah, so I picked the Lakers in 5. And you know what, I still think it will happen. :(
  • Van Gundy called it "a done deal" when the Lakers were up 17 in the first half (somebody please send that clip). You think he would have learned by now. Oh wait, no he wouldn't, or he would be a head coach and not a commentator. Please quit fellating Kobe for about 10 seconds and get your head out of your but - wait, can you have you head in your butt and fellate someone at the same time? I digress. Same goes for you Mark Jackson. Kobe's been good, but the Celtics have been "GREAT!" (Ed. Note- Van Gundy actually turned down two high profile gigs this summer, and Van Gundy actually criticizes Kobe more often than any other commentator. Mark Jackson, though? Yeah. Mark Jackson done lost it. -Matt)
  • Matt brought this up earlier, but seriously, think about this. Have you ever seen someone throw up so many shots that go directly off the backboard and nowhere near the basket the way Lamar Odom does? It's weird. He acts like he's at the county fair, throwing a dull dart at a balloon. Geez.
  • A little point that no one seems to focus on, especially the MSMers - The Celtics are doing this with only their 3 starters! Perkins has been a waste this series because of his ankle, Rondo was last night because of his. It's the Big 3 and all the guys Doc refused to play earlier in the year. Truly magnificent. If anyone would have said that Pierce would have torn up his knee and that Rondo and Perkins would both be dealing with ankle injuries at times during the series, the Laker bandwagon would have burst a tire because it would have been so full. Not the case. We all forgot about Brown, Powe, House and Posey. And yes, kind of Cassell.
  • Ray Allen, the "elder statesman" of the Big Three played the whole game, never let up on defense and hit the game clinching layup by blowing past a kid a decade younger than him. He won't be getting any MVP votes (those are reserved for you, Mr. Pierce), but he would damn sure get mine. KG has given the Celtics great defense, Pierce has trumped everyone in momentum plays. But the Most Valuable Player for the Celtics this series has been Allen. Period.

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