Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where Have All The Cowboys (And By "Cowboys," I Mean Awful Front Office Officials) Gone?

The following is public service announcement to Hardwood Paroxysm from The Corndogg. Complaints, death threats, and lip service can be addressed to matthew(dot)t(dot)cornelius (at) gmail (dot) com.

Associated Press is reporting that Billy Knight is "stepping down" from his position as the General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks. And I must say, this is awful news. Now, I am only left with Kevin McHale, Michael Jordan/Rod Higgins, Randy Pfund, Chris Wallace, Danny Ainge (yeah, I'll say it), Steve Kerr, Danny Ferry, Geoff Petrie, Larry Bird, Pat Riley and Isiah Thomas (still technically employed) (plus assorted others that I am surely leaving out) to rail on at the most incompetent, lousy and arrogant front office officials in the League.

I mean, really, what do the head honchos at NBA HQ expect me to write about? Gosh.

On a serious note, this Atlanta team, in my opinion, is really not that far off from being competitive in the East. A truly competent, creative GM could have them in the upper echelon of that conference in no time (and NO!, no one is looking at you Dominique Wilkens). The big problem now is getting this discordant, uncooperative management system in Atlanta to find and approve the right guy. And by "right guy," I mean the one who will re-sign Josh Smith, develop Acie Law (or ditch him and find a truly capable back-up point) and get rid of some of those wings -- no bird pun intended -- for a capable rebounder behind Horford and a dead-eye shooter to come off the bench. But really, you guys know better than us, right?

On second thought, that group might be a whole lot less competent than we ever
assumed Billy Knight was. Only time will tell.

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