Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well, That About Does It For The Spurs!

Corndogg Here and loving this glorious day. Why, you might ask? Because I hate, hate, hate the Spurs. And don't care what anyone thinks. And since Matt is away on vacation, I am taking this opportunity to tell those Spurs and all their fans that their team can make like Jackie Moon and his Bud Light: SUCK ONE! Finally, I am redeemed!

Not one, but TWO huge pieces of news today. First, the NBA has decided that it was indeed a foul that Derek Fisher committed on Brent Barry in the waining seconds of Game 4 two nights ago. And you what, BFD! The League isn't changing the outcome and the Spurs still aren't winning a title. At least we have some comeuppance, both from the League and for the Spurs, but not without controversy. Just as with the whole "rogue" official-Donaghy scandal, the refs are saying one thing and the league is saying another. This is not conspiracy theories, folks. This is truth. Just read the article.

And, the second piece of news, which will almost surely ruin the chances of the Spurs ever making it to the WCF again, is that the league will now be fining floppers! Yes, that's right. A team like San Antonio, who runs a tight ship, with cost effective payrolls and teaches flopping as sound defensive technique, its totally, utterly screwed. How can all those guys on those small salaries get by getting fined two and three (or in Parker's case - 142) times a night just for using proper defensive technique? Answer: they won't. So now, either teams are going to have to actually attempt to play defense or they are going to get some serious kicks to the morale and the wallet.

Look, I know it looks like I am preaching armageddon for the Spurs. And you know what, I am. Because (even though I respect Buford, Pop and Duncan) I really, really hate that team. Always have. They have gone for so long getting egregious calls and ridiculously lucky "rule interpretations" that I have begged, pleaded and prayed for this day to come. And finally, it is here. So what if I had to sell my sole to the NBA gods and become a Laker fan for a series. It was all worth it. What good is a soul anyway, once the season is over?

Please feel free to splash all of your vitriol in the comments section. Or better yet, save your tears for the River Walk, because the reign of terror is all dried up way down in San Antone.

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