Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Plug Because We Care

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I don't get about 25% of what Free Darko writes.

It leaves me confused, boggled, baffled, mentally hogtied and often frustrated at the intricacy of the approach. I feel like I'm in Mario Bros. 3, and every time I take another pipe down, I land in another pipe world.

Here's what's more, I don't agree with about 40% of what's dished there. While of course I sympathize with the love of the regular season (I'm craving nights of pointless but fascinating Hawks-Wolves games like a junkie on detox day 6 at this point), I think the playoffs have been fascinating, and tend to consider things on a more direct level. I can't quite raise my consciousness to operate on that frequency for long periods of time.

Yet, every sentence that's dripped into pixels there, every reference, every illustration and bizarre picture is immediately sopped up by my eyes and brain. It was one of the pieces of writing that inspired me to start HP, along with TrueHoop, KSK, and others. It's a constant read for me, and in a feedreader that's processing 520 feeds and of which I'm tearing through stuff at a quite frankly terrifying rate, Free Darko is one of the few that gets the privelaged "automatic star" category for return reading. It's dense and apoplectic at times, light hearted and brazen at others, and is often best described simply by its title.

There was an obvious tendency in some of my earlier stuff to try and emulate Shoals and Co. To fairly pathetic results. It's been a hell of a season for us here at HP, and one we plan on looking back on once the draft is over and the dreaded "Baseball Desert" sets on us all for two months. We've learned a lot about our style, what works, what doesn't, and while we still try new things as much as we can and try and test our boundaries, and especially try to maintain a balance between the light, the bizarre, and the analytic, we know what we're not.

We're not Free Darko. No one is.

We thought we'd pay our respects on the day they announce that the book, finally, thankfully, is available for pre-order.

November is an interminable wait for it, and until then it'll have to rest at the top of our Amazon Wish List, denigrating everything else, including the hi-def TV to simply "high" as FD sits at "highest.'

We raise our glass to the fellas over there. Writing a book is hard ass work, so we hear, and it's a testament to their talent that they've even gotten this far. Congratulations, guys.

We hope you'll continue confusing the ever loving hell out of us for a while longer.


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