Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tom Ziller Will Melt Your Face With Awesomeness

So I'm trying to catch up on things, balancing three blogs, catching up on the Clark Kent Job, making plans for the next trip I've got, and working on a few interviews I'm pretty proud of.

And then Tom Ziller goes and blows open the barn doors of the NBA Internet with two pieces that aren't especially ground breaking, but are just really, really damn good.

First, he dishes this Combo Guard piece over at BallHype which made my mind light up like a plasma ball. The combo-guard v. pure point argument has been rattling in my brain for weeks and I was actually going to try and put something down on screen for it. Thank God I didn't because it wouldn't have been half as good as what Tom did.

But he wasn't done. No, no. Then he dropped this piece on why the Draft is better than the Conference Finals, which essentially taps into the core of the reason we started RU.

So I've come to the only conclusion I can, given how much better Ziller looks than me today. Hell, I can't even keep Detroit and Boston straight.

Tom Ziller has to die.

Be warned, House of Ziller.

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