Monday, May 5, 2008

Then And Now

Here's what bugged me on Sunday.

Here's a play that no doubt, all Boston fans freaked the hell about, screaming about Williams being a dirty player, and classless, and a disgrace to the game.

Right. Because Boston is clearly a franchise above such behavior.

My problem with this is that it's clearly a double-standard. Mike Breen acted like Marvin Williams hit Rondo, a friend of his, in the back of the head with a crowbar. He acted like it was the worst hit, ever. This is the playoffs. These fouls happen, and they happen a lot. And maybe next time, Doc Rivers will rethink trying to run the score up and putting his players at risk. I don't disagree with the ejection, I won't disagree with the fine that is inevitably coming. But seriously. If Breen had seen footage of the hit on Rambis, he would have said, "One of the all time toughest players, Kevin McHale!" Please. Let's call it even.

More on the Celts in a bit.

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