Thursday, May 15, 2008

Site News: Matt Decides To Drown In Blogging

So I got this here nifty place going on (which will be back up to speed in the Conference Finals. The playoffs completely kicked my ass and I wasn't prepared for the swarm of stuff I was going to need to keep abreast of. Google Reader alone nearly devoured me like it was a thought shark in the Raw Shark Texts.), I've got FanHouse (which you should read, damn it), and I've got the Paroxi-wife and Paroxi-dog and Paroxi-Cat and the Clark Kent gig on top of it all.

But that's not enough for me, is it?

No, no, not for me, and not for Corn.

We're starting ANOTHER blog.

Corn and I are proud to announce that we're going to be covering the NBA Draft, the NBA D-League, minor league basketball, and all other prospect-related news over at...


We're excited to be joining the SBNation in this capacity, since it's such a great network. We've been working on this for a long time, and we're pretty pumped. Expect great things.

Ridiculous Upside: Where Us Screaming About The Idiocy Of GMs Continues To Happen.

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