Monday, May 12, 2008

Nice Game, Deron

Deron Williams had a great game. He is a great player that had a great game. Consider this my recognition of how great Deron Williams is as a player and was in Game 4. The most impressive play? After a key offensive rebound by Okur in overtime, Williams had an open three and a wide open lane. He could have taken a shot at either one. A lot of players would have done so. Williams grabbed the ball on the outlet from Okur, saw the lane, saw the three, and then held up a hand. Slow. It. Down. It was a remarkably veteran and savvy move from a young player and a great example of how far Williams has come in a short time.

Oh, and for those keeping track? Chris Paul is still a better player. And the sooner Jazz fans quit comparing every success they have to Paul the better off they'll be.

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