Monday, May 19, 2008

The NBA: Where "At Least The Marketing Department Is Getting It Right" Happens

Finally, a reason to justifiably say that someone, somewhere is doing something right with the NBA. This marketing campaign has been the best boon for the league since MJ and Bird were H.O.R.S.E.-ing around over some Big Macs all those years ago. And those weren’t even NBA commercials.

I know it doesn’t mean as much now if SNL apes your idea (although, the show is much, much funnier now than it has been in recent years), but this faux-mercial shows you the brilliance and elasticity of this great campaign set forth by the NBA. Yet, we here on the internets fancy ourselves as some of the most insightful, clever people out there, so I figured I would ask all of you which duo would make the funniest “There Can Be Only One” parody?

• Would it be Ricky Davis and J.R. Smith talking about shot selection?
• How about Charles Barkley and Latrell Sprewell discussing money management?
• Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry advocating physical fitness?
• T-Mac and Melo opining on how to succeed in the playoffs?
Jamal Tinsley and Stephen Jackson stumping for the National Rifle Association?
• Kobe and Anti-Kobe giving advice on trusting your teammates?
Tony Parker and Ron Artest dueting on his new Tru Warrior track?
Boom Dizzle and Adam Sandler promoting “Don’t Mess with the Zohan?” – Wait, already, inconceivably done AND guaranteed to be 100 times funnier than the actual movie. Plus, its free, has Baron Freakin’ Davis and, did I mention, its free? Who pays money for Adam Sandler “comedies” anymore?

Really, there are so many examples. Luckily for us, the NBA continues to be full of great characters, greater stories and lots and lots of imagination. What else would make a great NBA split-screen parody? Unfortunately, anything involving Billy Knight and Billy King displaying great general managerial skill will not be accepted. R.I.P. Billies.

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