Friday, May 2, 2008

The Inevitable Bissinger Post And Some House Cleaning

Hello, party peoples.

Okay, so, I've been involved in the mainstream vs. blogs debate . I got into the whole Cuban thing. I attended a game. I'm hip. Hoop, hoop. Dunk, dunk. And you're probably not surprised to discover that the Bissinger thing pissed me off, because a. his points are pretty ridiculous but b. not as ridiculous as his behavior and c. because if I were Will Leitch, I would have either punched his f*cking lights out or been scared out of my mind, depending on how my anxiety disorder was feeling that day. (To quote Scrubs, "You, my friend, have just been story-topped.")

But the responses that have come from our side have been brilliant. I'm not even going to link them here, because you can find them if you know your way. Shannoff, Leitch, KSK, Shoals, all of them have knocked them out of the park.

But none of them expressed what I was feeling more than my personal favorite sportswriter, Joe Posnanski. So instead of writing a diatribe about how I feel about it, and my own thoughts, which are shared by thousands of bloggers because they're based on, you know, facts, I'm just going to direct you to his response to the situation and politely ask that you read it. Thanks.

Okay, now that that horse-screwing jackass is out of the way, here's what's going on around these parts. I'm headed to Padre for the weekend, because when an opportunity to go to Padre comes up, you take it, friends. I've got a little roundtable from some DC bloggers about Zero going up in a few minutes, and I'll have a Spurs-Hornets preview up late tonight for your perusal tomorrow. I can't stop thinking about this series. It's infested me and just when I think I've gotten my head away from it, I'll be slicing tomatoes and realize that Fabricio Oberto may be the mayonnaise in the BLT that is the Spurs. It's not a listed ingredient in the name, but the sandwich doesn't go down easy without it. You can have a BLT without mayonnaise, but really, why would you? And then I'm back into 1-2-2 zone to try and stop Parker and whether Duncan's extension is enough to shut off West's fadeaway mid-lane.

We'll have some other thoughts, and possibly a Magic-Pistons series, though that one I kind of want to develop on its own. I feel like if I touch it, it will wilt into a blowout for the Pistons, and I don't want that. I want this series to steal the thunder from the Celtics and prove that I'm right when I said earlier that the Magic were playing the best ball in the East right now. We will not be discussing extensively whoever comes out of Rockets-Jazz, because LA will roll them and we all know it. But if the Rockets somehow pull this thing off in Utah tonight, there will be a ton of stuff on it, because I'll tell you right now. First round 4-5 Game 7s are about my favorite thing in the world. They mean absolutely nothing in the longterm, and yet they are so intense, so painful, so joyous, so amazing, they really are the pinnacle of the playoffs for me, usually. Same goes if the Wizards can ride the momentum tonight.

I'll be keeping up regular duties over at FanHouse, including the daily game previews, which I hope you're all enjoying.

By the way, whoever thought up CoverItLive, I'd like to extend a hearty verbal conceptual non-sexual deep-tongue makeout on behalf of the Sports Blogosphere for coming out with that software. It makes liveblogs so much more amazing, and the ones I've been a part of have been a blast.

Next week as things slow down after the first round, we'll have more in-depth stuff on the series, some reviews of the D-League season that was (stupid Idaho being clearly the best team in the stupid league, stupid, stupid), and we'll start on the draft. And trust me. With the kind of passion and vitriol that Corn and I have for the draft and the fact that we never agree on anything, ever as to what teams should do, this should be fun. There are a lot of changes coming to HP over the summer, and we're pretty pumped about it.

These playoffs have been spectacular, have they not?

Okay, back to the grind. And by grind, I mean white sandy beaches, fried shrimp and Coronas with lime. And my laptop. Because I am a slave to the league. A slave, I tell you.


-Management, AKA Matt

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