Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great Exercises In Internet NBA-Related Postings 5.7.08

  • With Isiah and Billy Knight both gone, his odds are not what they were. .
  • Marcel Mutoni drops the headline I've been dying to write but restrained myself from.
  • This is quite possibly the most frustrating misconception about the Hornets. They are athletic and highly opportunistic on turnovers. But in no way, shape, or form are they a fast team. They're one of the slowest paced teams in the whole league, never mind the playoffs. They're deliberate, would be the best word for it. While Detroit wrenches things into sludge and then explodes up from the muck like tentacles from a Kraken, and San Antonio lulls you to sleep with pass after constant pass and great transition D (unless it's against Chris Paul, apparently). But the Hornets seem to snake side to side, sizing you up, deciding where and how they want to hit you, and then they strike. It's yet another in a long line of differences between the Hornets and Suns. The Suns were useless when they tried to run the clock out. They didn't know what they were doing and it often resulted in a bad shot. The Hornets can wrench every second out of a possession and still get the shot they want, even against a defense as good as San Antonio's, at least so far.
  • If I'm a Celtics fan, I'm worried. I'm just saying. If I'm a Cavs fan, I was worried at the beginning of the season, I was worried at the All-Star Break, I was worried after the trade, and I was worried after Game 5 of the Wizards series. But at least Cleveland knew what they were getting. Boston's offensive FAILures have been not only surprising, they've been disappointing to the point of concern. Detroit's offense seems more intact right now. Think about that.
  • Fantastic prints by the Garbage Time All-Stars. My favorite? Dizzle.
  • I don't agree that the Spurs are too deep, I think they've become too role-specific. Their guys used to be specialists that could do a variety of things and one thing really, really well. Horry used to be a capable defender and finisher who could also hit big time threes when they mattered. Now he's a defensive liability and offensive blackhole, unless the right combination of defensive failures happen. He's still got enough in him to make plays when they count and enough savvy to make them matter, but he's no longer a terrifying force on the floor. Bruce Bowen used to be a nice combo defensive player. Have you seen his runner he keeps trying? It's like a dying quail trying to do a backstroke mid-collapse. And the Spurs fans have all turned to Brent Barry as their saving grace. I've got news for you. The only reason Barry hasn't looked bad is that he hasn't been on the court. His passing isn't sharp enough, his defense is quick enough, and his offense is too limited for what you need on the floor. His shooting is still the best of the remaining weapons, but it's still not going to be consistent enough to get what you need. This whole thing still hinges on Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan. Good news? That still means you're in great shape for the rest of this year.
  • An MVP I'll gladly give him.
  • CSTB brings up a hilarious point to me. Does anyone else recognize that what the NBA is essentially saying is that a shot that literally existed out of the game's conceptual time frame counted? We're approaching quantum physics here. How can a play count if it didn't actually exist within the time allotted by the game? This is my favorite part of that FUBAR. I think Magic fans and coaches are being way too classy about this. Charles Barkley said it and I agree. "Magic fans are going to be pissed and they deserve to be." My personal least favorite argument that I've heard from several websites is the "Chauncey wouldn't have passed the ball if he saw the clock winding down lower." Well, maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't have, but you're assuming a tremendous amount there, including the idea that Billups would have hit that shot instead. The Magic got screwed in a pivotal playoff game, and that's simply not right.
  • Sweet Jesus, it's about time.
  • Friggin' Hilarious, volume 1.
  • Friggin' Hilarious, volume 2.
  • If this thing falls through, Cleveland fans can breathe a little easier.
  • This was a great podcast, by the way. I highly recommend a listen.
  • Memories...
  • CelticsBlog does what the Celtics would not. Give the Hawks the credit their due. Kevin Garnett's "They wanted Game 7, this is what they get" comment made me sick.
  • A great article on the great Karl question.
  • Draft Express' D-League Awards.
  • I like a lot of these ideas.

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