Thursday, May 1, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings: Finally A Chance To Breathe Edition

Sorry these have been gone so long. The playoffs have been redonkulous, not only with the quality of play, but with the amount of stuff going on. I'm doing a bunch of live-chats, trying to take notes, trying to write stuff for HP, trying to write stuff for FanHouse, and trying to not get divorced over my insistence on watching Sixers-Pistons in a blowout when the Paroxi-Wife even knows this series is a pointless exercise. But I found a break to muscle these up for you. Enjoy.

  • Three Shades of Blue is talking about coaches and patience, something I wish we saw more of in the league. What drives me nuts is that these coaches that are being fired are obviously not bad coaches. They're not, folks. Avery Johnson coached a team that was one of the best ever in the regular season last year. You can throw at me all the "the regular season doesn't win championships" lines you want. But the fact is that Avery is a very young coach that has done a phenomenal job in Dallas, and he got canned because Cuban is Cuban. The Jones said that Avery got fired because "Cuban wanted to win." The Mavericks did win. They had a short period of time to get used to a dramatically altered lineup and chemistry after the Kidd trade, they're in a hyper-competitive Western Conference, Dirk was out for two weeks late in the season, and they still made the playoffs pretty comfortably. You really think Mo Cheeks is a better coach at 40-42 in the East? I've never understood the way that owners and GMs seem to have such a short attention span. It's not like most great coaches just vault to greatness. Unless they have the absolute best player in the game at the time. Like Phil Jackson. Do you realize Greg Popovich is only a .649 winning percentage coach in the playoffs? This is the guy who is arguably the best coach of the modern era. Reasonable expectations help put your people in a position to succeed. And the GMS with good coaches on hot seats are not holding those kind of expectations. And neither are their fans.
  • A prominent NBA blogger shared my sentiments when he emailed me to say "BQR deserves a happy night like this more than most bloggers I can think of." And he certainly did get that night.
  • TJ Ford getting traded (again) is a mere formality. The best option Corn and I came up with? TJ Ford and Andrea Bargnani to Sacramento for Ron Artest and Shelden Williams.
  • Will someone please hurry up and hire Rick Carlisle? Though for the Dallas job we like JVG the best. That would be a tremendous fit.
  • We're going to get into this in-depth with our Hornets-Spurs preview, but a central tenet is that the Hornets are the anti-Suns. Why? They score at a high margin, with low turnovers, and a low possession rate. Smart, efficient, deadly.
  • Hello, understatement.
  • Please, God? Please let D'Antoni go to the Bulls? Think about this. A team that's already defensively sound, that has always needed to run. I thought this last year against the Pistons, and the year before against the Heat. You have young, fast players. Use that. But they would never really commit to running. With D'Antoni they would. Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, Thomas, Noah. That's a team that can get up and down the floor. Please, please make this happen, Lord.
  • A well-versed sad tale. Hats off.
  • Hey, he took a whole thirty seconds before completely assassinating Nash's MVPs. That was fifteen seconds longer than I had in the pool. Also, in a game that has absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing at all to do with LA, he still found time to mention Kobe. Whew, thank God. I almost went a paragraph without it. Close call.
  • Gah!
  • As the momentum begins to surge, I fear it will share the same fate as so many before it. Doom.
  • I am shocked, SHOCKED I say! This surely cannot be true! He makes pure gold from his own snot! Why, he's such a team player, he asks Luke Walton to do his laundry for him!
  • Simmons: Bill, we like your writing. No kidding, we do. But you need to describe the game, not prescribe the game. Because sometimes you say things like this. We're not going to mention any other gaffes (*cough* Okafor!*cough*), because we all make them, but you need to not write them on a website read by millions of people. Thanks.
  • Interesting article about D-League affiliation.
  • It's gotta suck to be a Nuggets fan. I truly feel bad for them.
  • I've just about had it from both sides of Rockets-Jaz about referees. Look, I complain as much as anybody. But we've all got to make a concentrated effort not to. Everyone thinks the refs suck. Spurs fans actually think that the Suns got the calls in that series, despite things like Duncan tripping over his own leg and falling down. No more. I'll make a pledge not to complain about poor officiating if you will. Deal?
  • Three tiers from a blog about the 2011 NBA Champions.
  • Allred ain't the only player on the Cavs with D-League experience.

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