Saturday, April 26, 2008

We're Talking About Philly, Right? As In The 76ers?

So, they did it again. And this wasn't exactly a "Pistons taking the night off" kind of game. This was a "yeah, so we can actually make your old players look silly if we bust out tails and get a couple of breaks" kind of game. But I mean, c'mon. This is the Sixers.
Personally, I think they can do it. And not just beating the Pistons. If they get the Magic in the next round, they can give up 25 and 20 to Superman every night, but they have the ability to totally wreak havoc on Hedo and the perimeter gang from Orlando.
Now, I know I am getting a head of myself. There are still a few difficult games left in the first round. But there is no denying that is the Sixers can just hold serve, they make it to the semis. Even us here at HP, who ever so delicately placed a solitary finger on the Philly bandwagon, we never thought this was possible. We figured they would be fun, make a good push for the playoffs, fall short, deal off Miller and maybe Dalembert and build for the future around Iggy and the Jets. But perhaps the future is now in the City of Brotherly Love. If they can hold off the veteran (read: mentally decrepit) Pistons, we might have the most exciting second round series in that bastions of basketball brilliance: Orlando and Philadelphia. Wonder what Barkley might have to say about this?

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