Saturday, April 12, 2008

We'd Just Like To Remind You That Ron Artest Is Batsh*t Insane

Oh, Crazy Pills.

From this Radar Online article comes a piece on the lives of professional entourage members. And of course, they talked about Ron Artest.

Crazy Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest has a paid personal assistant who "fields late-night requests for organic cookies" and is developing Artest's line of athletic wear. The assistant was also (seriously) recently asked to "remove what Mr. Artest thought were giant snake eggs in his backyard." (They turned out to be mushrooms.)
I can't decide whether to start calling him "Snake Eggs" instead of Crazy Pills, or pitch starting a line of organic cookies to him. "Crazy Pills Snake Egg Organic Cookies."

Sounds about right.

We love you, Snake Egg Crazy Pills.

Update: From Tom of Sactown Royalty-

"You just wait until some baby snakes eat at your organic cookies at 2 a.m. Then we'll see who you call crazy."

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