Friday, April 25, 2008

Tyson Chandler Gives Playoffs, Parenting Advice

Tim McMahon of the Dallas Morning News dropped this note about a Tyson Chandler blog post that got lost in the shuffle. Here's the juicy bit:

It's comical to me that they wanted to play us. First of all, it's comical to me that you're scared of a team, and say that you don't want to play them.

But it reminds me of when I was little. I begged for the My Buddy doll, begged for the My Buddy doll. I kept asking, "Ma, get me the My Buddy. Ma, get me the My Buddy." But my mom couldn't really afford it, so she couldn't get it for me at that time.

So, I kept at it. "Ma, get me a My Buddy. Every other kid got a My Buddy. Mom, I never get anything!" Just making my mom feel bad.

So, my uncle told my mom, "I'll fix this." I didn't know my uncle told my mom that, but he came over with this video and pops it in the machine. I'm like, "Ah, My Buddy!" And it turns out it was the Chucky movie.

All the next week, I'm telling my mom, "Please, don't get me My Buddy. Please, don't get me My Buddy."

So sometimes, what you think you really want, you don't really want. The Mavericks think they want us, and they asked for us, and we ain't gonna be My Buddy. They're gonna get Chucky.

Jesus, Tyson. We don't know whether to hug you or keep you away from sharp objects.

UPDATE: Via Ziller, just so we're clear, you can keep My Buddy and Chucky. We'll take My Pet Monster.

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