Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three People Hurt Before Tip-Off At Fed-Ex Forum

Three people were injured before the tip-off of the Memphis Grizzles and Minnesota Timberwolves, when a section of the stands collapsed. No further information is available on the extent of the injuries.

Owner Michael Heisley, in a recent interview on Three Shades of Blue:

"I think that Seattle's Key Arena was an old arena. Old by the standards of today. It's like the Pyramid is an old arena. Why was the Pyramid an old arena? Well virtually no skyboxes, one level of amenities, there were things about it that didn't meet the NBA standards. You couldn't generate the revenue that you can out of the FedEx Forum. Now depending on where your market is and what your revenues are you can afford to build one yourself or if you don't have much revenue you have to look for help from the local communities."

I'm not going to comment, because what happened tonight could have happened at any arena from what it sounds like. But still, for this to happen after everything else this year, on Fan Appreciation Night...

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