Friday, April 11, 2008

Sayonara, SJax

What a heartbreaker for the Warriors. They were the team that came out fired up. They had the trendy, hipster crowd stirred into a frenzy (at 5:00pm PST!). They were up as many as 14 in the first quarter and I was already texting Matt letting him know that we were safe -- that we were gonna have another glorious post season with the Warriors totally "debacling" their opponent (hat tip for quote to Emmitt Smith) and looking for another monster upset.

In fact, one of the best nights of last postseason was sitting outside at Joe's, in Austin, and watching the Warriors polish off the Mavericks. Of course, Matt and I were the only people deep in the heart of Texas pulling for the Bay Area Ballers. It was antagonistic Corndogg at his finest. And God it was fun.

But, you live by the Nellie ball. You die by the Nellie ball. That awesome offense and devil-may-care defense is the kind style that generates tons of fans. And skeptics. With precious few rebounders and a total dearth of defenders, the Warriors have taken a big gamble all season long. Too bad lady luck, and a playoff berth, just swung the other way.
And so, all things must pass. After a truly remarkable come back by the Nuggets, who made the right decision and let AI take over (you know, since he is the Denver superstar that has proven playoff leadership experience), I had to pour one out for my homies. Well, actually, I spilled beer on my shorts by accident, but the sentiment remains. I know I sound like I have already written an epitaph for the Warriors season and, in a sense, this may be it. But still, that Golden spirit remains. And, who knows, they might just be setting the stage for yet another epic comeback.

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