Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free To Be D-League!

The NBA D-League is holding open tryouts for their camp. All you need is $500 bucks and a way to get to Suwanee, GA on June 27-29.

I think this is yet another pretty cool idea by the D-League to open it up. There's no telling who'll show up to this thing, and it's a nice opportunity for the guys who don't think they'll be drafted to make a show for themselves to try and make it into the system. One of the central tenants of the positives I give people when they ask about the D-League is how many great players slip through the cracks, and programs like this can help to serve as nets for that fall.

An interesting note, here. In order to apply, you only need be 18. So I double checked with the D-League on this.

Turns out you can play in the D-League at 18, as long as your high school class has graduated.


So theoretically, if you were a high school mega-star, and didn't want to worry about college (and who would with all the girls and drinking and television exposure), you could head to the D-League and start making money, immediately. Do that for two years, terrorize the league and get valuable experience against guys with NBA experience, and you can get called up. In reality, this loophole only applies to guys with severe academic issues or couldn't guarantee a spot at a major college, but it's an interesting little shift in the amateur/pro dynamic regardless. Of course, there's always the issue of you tearing your achilles and not being able to afford health care off of your $13,000 a year.

Update: Another interesting note, from the player registration form, under eligibility:


a. Either (i) The player has not attended a college or university in the United States during the academic year that takes place during all or any part of the Season; or (ii) The player has no remaining intercollegiate basketball eligibility.

UPDATE: I received this update from the league to clarify:

"The rule you mentioned from the player registration form, under eligibility is if you are enrolled in a college or university in the United States you cannot play in the D-League during the same academic year. If you commit to a college you do NOT have to graduate OR wait 4 years to play in the D-League."

Thanks for clarification, D-League!

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