Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NBA Blogger Season Awards 2008

We did the nomination vote back in January, now it's time for the voting. Along with the Blogger vote, we're giving you, the readers, the opportunity to vote on the awards and let us know what you think about the best blogs of the year. We added some other awards on top of it, so it should be lots of fun. Only vote once, and let us know what you think. We've included open write-ins in case you feel someone got snubbed by our ballot. It's hard to remember all 70,000 of them. The ballot will be open until Sunday, April 20th.

Click here for the Readers Choice Awards Ballot.

We did this because we wanted to give some recognition to all the great blogging that goes on in our little corner of the universe. We're thankful for every single one of the blogs out there that add to the great discussion, make us laugh, and generally give us something to do while we pursue our small, meaningless lives. Have a nice day!

Update 4.12.08: Apologies to Blazer's Edge for accidentally placing them in the Pacific Division. We'll take their combined scores for write-ins when considering awards. Blazer's Edge is, in my humble opinion, the best Blazer's blog on the web, and deserved better than a careless cut and paste on my part. I would also like to thank the Blazer's Edge community for A. calling us "jokers" and B. reminding us of how poorly read we are, and that this award is completely and totally irrelevant. Much like the Blazer's season for the last two months.

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