Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MVP Candidates Are Not Overrated, And Chris Paul Sure As Hell Isn't

So, the first ever post on HP was a piece of crap. Giant, huge, crap. I called out an article on Cosellout about how Steve Nash only won the MVP because he's white. And my response was childish, poorly written, and inarticulate. Why? Because I wanted to grab attention. Basically, I turned into Stephen A. Smith.

Since then I've come a long way and I try not to say things just to get attention. Anything I post I try and keep a head about. I don't post articles about how Kobe Bryant is overrated, because he's not. And I think generally anyone that is considered for or has won an MVP is legit and shouldn't be labeled as overrated (and yes, that includes Dirk).

So it's kind of irking to read an article on why Chris Paul is overrated.

Now, I picked the Mavs in seven. I really thought the matchups would favor the Mavericks, and the Hornets' inexperience would spook them. I was wrong. Moreso than any other team in the playoffs, including LA and Boston, the Hornets look like they're here for business and that business is a championship. And Chris Paul is the reason they're here. Sure, I wanted to downplay Paul when I sat down to watch the film last night. I wanted to look for other reasons the Hornets won, and to try and minimize Paul's impact.

You can't.

He is single-handedly whipping the Dallas Mavericks. And it doesn't have a damn thing to do with referees.

Paul is able to work the court and free himself of any defensive approach the Mavs take. On top of that, the traditional remedy for stopping a talented point-guard, making him the shooter, is failing miserably. There's no way you can talk about Chris Paul being overrated, because he's clearly the best point guard in the NBA. He's doing things on the court we've honestly never seen. Working the referees has been a part of the game for as long as it's been around. And I'm pretty sure Paul could dribble through a construction zone in the Holland Tunnel in the dark with one hand tied behind his back and not carry.

Also, bringing up how older players who played against less athletic teams would perform in modern day situations is not only irrelevant, it's Simmons-esque.

This thing comes off as your grandpa complaining about these damn kids with their "phenomenal play" and "amazing talent." Why, in my day, you had to walk ten miles in the snow just to check in at the scorer's table!

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