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LiveBlog: Spurs at Lakers 4.13.08

Okay, so, I totally thought this game started at 3 CST.

My bad.

17-all, 2:00 first quarter.

Gasol's been lights out so far, though he's trying to hit his long range baseline J too much. That' s not the shot they need for him.

Kobe can hit from anywhere on the floor, have I mentioned that?

Despite everything RespectKobe will say, that charge that was called a block where Odom ran over his guy is why the Lakers get their stroke at home. That's just a ridiculous missed call. Of course, Bryant only gets about 30% of the calls he should. He gets fouled a lot more.

Mark Jackson of course thinks it's a great call. Because he should go coach the Knicks.

JVG thinks Doc Rivers is coach of the year. Wow.

25-21, as Sasha earns his paycheck by doing what he does. Hit threes when no one is covering him whatsoever, and then gives a cocky look like "Yeah, I'm the Man! It's me and Kobe!" But he has been lights out this year, I have to admit.

Bowen and Kurt Thomas are just too slow to rotate anymore. I keep waiting for them to come back and be them old selves, and I've been waiting for two months. I won't bury them till they lose 4 games in a series, but it looks bad. Bowen doesn't have the legs to cover Bryant. Bryant's size and athleticism is killing him right now.

Ginobili's not playing, by the way. Heard on the radio that if this were the playoffs, he would play. I guess Pop doesn't care THAT much about the seed.

I love how Breen has mentioned how good the Lakers defense is three times in this game. With Duncan and Parker on the bench.

Lakers 27-26, 10:00 2nd Quarter.

Wow. Bryant yelled "Gotcha!" before downing a three in a defenders face. Wow. I can't see MJ doing that, but it is entertaining.

29-28 Lakers, Turiaf with range?

This is a ridiculously small lineup for the Spurs. Udoka, Oberto, Stoudamire, Vaughn, and Bowen. That's widdle-biddle. Here comes Duncan, thank God. I was worried the Spurs were going to be trampled underfoot.

Farmar is amazingly savvy for how young he is.

Duncan schools Turiaf in transition, for the and one. Dumb foul by Turiaf.

33-all as Turiaf answers with a range jumper.

Nice play by Vaughn in transition to Udoka (D-League!). The Spurs have some great talent in transition, still.

On a foul, Odom goes ahead and tries the after the basket layup. The Spurs are getting a little tired of the Lakers attitude. We'll see if they let them get away with it.

37-37, the Lakers size is just absurd, especially with Odom playing out of his mind like he is. It's good to see him so motivated.

Bryant, Gasol, Odom. I really don't know what to do against that, and they don't have Bynum back yet. Frightening.

Bryant is the MVP. There's no question. He's finishing too strong.

I love it because the annuoncers have talked about nothing but the Lakers in the last three minutes, and the Lakers are up a whopping two points.

Oh, God, there's hockey on. Paroxi-wife has abducted the remote. This may get choppy.

I'll say it. The Kurt Thomas signing was a bust.

44-41 Lakers, 4:02 2nd.

I think the Spurs need to burn Finley more in this game. They need big shots.

Nice defense by the Lakers, trapping the corner entry pass.

Three missed dunks today for the Lakers. That's just sad. But of course, the long rebound goes right to the Lakers, and Walton knocks down the three.

2nd Quarter 2:42, 47-41 Lakers.

Spike Lee is making an ESPN film. Go ahead. Vomit. Now get this. It's "A Day In The Life Of Kobe Bryant." Lakers fans, please shut up about the media hating Kobe. For the love of God. I'm vomiting out of my eyes right now.

47-45, Breen: "Finley with the ball fake, shoots, knocks it down?" Like it's amazing.

Parker's come out pissed. He's scored 5 in the last minute. And draws Kobe's 2nd by outracing him down the floor.

Chance to tie with free throws.

Clutch. Holy God, Parker's got 15-5-5.

Bryant drives, can't get the roll, but Gasol dunks it down. What do you do there?

Bryant takes the ball, goes down the floor, blows past Bowen, Duncan doesn't rotate, and he gets by him, but Parker goes down and matches!

Tie ball game at the half. Without Manu. Um.


From RespectKobe:

"JVG after the Vujacic-Udoka double technical:

"That's when you bring down the cage... settle it, right now."

And a minute later...

"Yeah, that's when you see all the fake fighters... 'Hold me back! Hold me back!'"

Love it. Especially because everybody knows there's no flinch in the JVG. [Mental replay of Van Gundy physically trying to take Zo out of a fight in the '98 Playoffs]"

Duncan looks like he's laboring. Kurt Thomas just airballed trying to drive. They may need to release him. I'm not kidding. Mahinmi might be a better asset going into the playoffs. I wish I was kidding. What am I saying? They can just put Scola in. Wait.

56-53 Lakers, 10:24 3rd.
The Lakers are forcing Duncan away from the basket.

Fisher just teabagged a young fan going out of bounds. That's a day that young man will never forget.

Gasol's doing a great job today. He's playing above his ability today. Props to him.

56-55, Spurs hanging around with free throws.

Hey, here's an idea, Spurs. Guard the best three point shooter on the Lakers who's notorious for killing you in big games. Just throwing that out there.

59-56, 8:08 3rd. JVG is right. Odom's versatility is as good as anyone's in this league. It'll be interesting to see if he can finally, FINALLY show up for a playoff series.


You know, I really wish Kobe would complain less about non-calls. Really do. I think he's often right, but I'd still like to see him just play through it. I think he'd actually get more calls.

That said... only Tim Duncan can actually get the call and still turn and complain to the refs.

That's pretty accurate. It's part of the game. I wish it wasn't, but it is.

Oh, and an ESPN interview with Spike Lee on the Kobe Bryant movie. IT'S KOBE BRYANT YEAR ON ESPN!

For the love of God, quit bitching about him not getting the love. This entire broadcast is one big Kobe slobjob.

63-58 Lakers, Gasol is murdering them down low. He's just catching and laying it in at this point. The Spurs are struggling to keep up.

Spurs are 0-7 from the field this quarter. And again, Derek Fisher gets open. Seriously, this is just pathetic for the Spurs. It's not like he's hyperathletic. Fisher, again. This is absolutely pathetic. When Derek Fisher scores 10 points in a quarter, you've got problems. And then Bryant blocks it, and Radmanovich dunks it. You're watching the fall of a dynasty, folks.

Udoka hits the three and Odom fouls him. Holy Jesus, what a dumb play. THAT'S the Lamar Odom I know and love.

70-64 Lakers, 4:00 4th.

DerMarr in for the Spurs. Let's see the rap magic.

Gasol with the little jumper. He's been huge today. The Lakers looked like hell about a week ago, and now look like the best team in the league.

Creed on the outro? Really, ABC? Really?

And Los Lonely Boys on the intro. Wow.

72-64 2:56 3rd.

Udoka on Bryant. Tries to get in his face. Not smart. Bryant works him over for the fadeaway.

No rebounding on offense right now for the Spurs. Gasol getting the offensive board. Gasol with another one. Good God. The Spurs don't have the bodies right now.

JVG: If I was a player, I'd wear one of those sleeves. Iverson wears one, he scored all the time. Bryant wears one, he scores all the time. I think it's really the secret to success in the NBA.

God, I love JVG.

Dominating third quarters is a staple of Phil Jackson teams. And they've done this one. Rebound, Gasol outlet, Bryant catches it at the top of the key, turn around, .01 left in the quarter. 12 point lead going into Q4. Everything going the Lakers way. The tradition continues. The Western Conference is OVER, folks.

Turiaf has range, from OUT OF NOWHERE.

Turnint into a route. 81-67 Lakers, 10:57 4th.

I told Josh Tucker the Spurs would blow the Lakers out today. Of course, I thought the game was in San Antonio and that Manu was playing, but still, I don't think it would have mattered. The Lakers look absolutely invincible right now. It's gonna be Boston-LA, folks. Just accept it.

87-71 Lakers, 8:08 4th. This one is OVER. There's not a thing that's going against LA right now. They're getting calls, making big shots, making the extra pass, playing defense, and killing them on the glass. This isn't even a contest. This might as well be the T-Wolves. Except the T-Wolves will continue to get better. I'm not trying to bury the Spurs, but I just can't get over how bad they look.

It's a 24 point lead at this point, and I'm done. I can't say enough about the Lakers in this game. Just an absolutely dominating performance. There wasn't an aspect they were weak on. Great defense, great poise, great transition, great half-court, balanced offense, committed defense. Boston-LA is going to be a hell of a Finals series.

I still won't say the Spurs are done, because they could get hot in the playoffs and win the damn thing, but there is just no way to watch this team and come up with anything to say except, they're done.

Fun times, as always kids. I'll be around for the night, might catch Utah-Houston, we'll see.

Back to regular posting tomorrow.

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